Industry Reviews

  • 50 Series

    Adam Moseley

    Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Educator (John Cale, Spike Jonze, The Cure, Rush)

    I was giddy from the moment the Channel plugin opened. This really could not sound more true, be more intuitive, or easy to craft your sound, or dramatically change it. There is so much to explore and play with and it’s always uniquely API. But with so much more. Another outstanding PA/Lindell classic channel masterpiece! Seriously stunning!

  • 50 Series

    Eryck Bry

    Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, Composer

    I really love the Lindell Audio 50 Series sound. It gives you that bite, that crunch, and a little bit of that modern punch.

  • 50 Series

    Brian Vibberts

    Grammy Winning Mixing Engineer (Chick Corea, Sting, Metallica, Disney, Michael Jackson)

    The Lindell 50 has everything I need to shape the sound all in one plugin! Mixing just got easier.

  • 50 Series

    Acle Kahney

    Producer (TesseracT, Heart Of A Coward, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes)

    The API2500 is my goto compressor for drums and on the mix bus. The Lindell API VCA compressor mimics the 2500 really well, especially when cranking the makeup gain to add some transformer warmth like the hardware unit. The gate feels quick to set up with no artifacts popping through like some gates have a tendency of doing. I can see myself using the Lindell 50 Channel on many of my future mixes.

  • 50 Series


    Latin Grammy Winning Producer, Engineer, Mixer

    I’m stunned by the versatility of the 50 Series! 3 beautiful sounding EQs, 2 amazing compressors, a precise expander/gate, and beautiful distortion! It’s a box of fun. I think it is the most versatile channel strip. Also, I love the fact that the EQ increments are not limited to +2 dB as the original versions so I can have more control.

  • 50 Series

    Damien Lewis

    Grammy nominated Mixing Engineer (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce)

    The Lindell 50 is THE SOUND of American studio records in the '70s. This plugin delivers all that tone and actually improves upon it. Punchy, gritty, and colorful. It's great on everything from vocals to 808's. 

  • 50 Series

    Chris Dennis

    Mixing Engineer (Roddy Ricch, Pop Smoke, DaBaby)

    The versatility of switching EQ/Compressors in a single channel strip like the Lindell 50 allows for a quick workflow in fast-paced recording environments.

  • 50 Series

    Josh Newell

    Producer, Engineer, Mixer (Linkin Park, Anthrax, Avril Lavigne)

    This plugin is fantastic. Throwing it on distorted guitars or kick and snare gave me the upper mid immediacy and punch I would expect from running them through an actual API console. I also love the fact that I can swap through the various models of EQ and dynamics without having to leave the plugin, not to mention the fact that they retain their settings as I swap. Changing from the 50A to the 50B EQ to grab an extra band of EQ and not losing the work I'd already done was an incredibly pleasant surprise.

  • 50 Series

    Jesse Ray Ernster

    Grammy-winning Mixing Engineer (Kanye West, UMI, Burna Boy)

    Rich.. detailed.. This is the definitive API channel strip. Many emulations have attempted to capture the essence of those vintage filter curves, but they always missed the mark with the non-linearities. I have always preferred the sound of API over other classic consoles because of the soft silky structure of the midrange harmonic content, and this plugin nails it!

  • 50 Series

    Eddie “El Brujo” Caipo

    Studio Engineer, Producer, FOH, and Monitor Engineer (Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Smash Mouth)

    The Lindell 50 Channel is simply amazing! You get the best of API in a single plugin. This is now part of my mixing template.