Customer Reviews

  • Exemplary

    by Anton
    This channel strip is extremely versatile due to having multiple modules inside one plugin, i.e. preamp section, three equalizers, two compressors and an expander/gate. This allows for a vast array of tone shaping possibilities and less need for other plugins, so after recording and pre-production stages you can confidently mix with mostly just Lindell 50 Series across all tracks, which is the very purpose of a channel strip. It also sounds great and has switchable noise and oversampling options.
    - The preamp section offers a gain control with unity switch for volume compensation, which is very useful. This, coupled with THD control, allows for nice saturation options.
    - Lindell 50 Series has three equalizers under the hood. Sometimes a three or four band EQ is just not enough when you want some drastic tone shaping. In this case the ten band 60 equalizer is a very nice addition, because with that you can shape your sound however you want and there is no need to reach for another EQ plugin. I personally use the 60 equalizer when I need to be more precise, or go with the other two (50A and 50B) when I only need few of those proportional EQ curves for more general equalization.
    - Two compressors (FET and VCA) with volume compensation. Try those on different material to see which one fits better. Again, the ability to choose between the two compression circuits inside one channel strip reduces the need to load another plugin. Good job!
    - Not much to say about expander/gate. It works as it should, nice and smooth.
    If there is one thing I’d add to this plugin, then it would be “THD All” and “Gain All” controls to add saturation across all 50 Series instances simultaneously. But that’s because I’m already spoiled by some other Plugin Alliance channel strips, namely SSL ones. But even without these controls it’s an amazing channel strip that I will definitely use in many of my projects. Currently I’d take Lindell 50 Series over any other channel strip because of its versatility and its great sound.
  • So versatile!

    by Gerard
    This channel strip is very versatile and sounds great. I'm not find myself changing the eqs to much, but the two comps are absolutely useful. The GUI is really nice and clear.
  • It's THAT SOUND :)

    by SMJ
    My favorite channel strip, definitely.
    Truly versatile EQ section and the compressor SLAMS
  • Amazing!

    by Ogeday
    It's amazing, I hear the true API sound. Love to use every track, my go to console emulation.
  • Beautiful

    by Saturn Voyager
    Beautiful Sound and Warm sound, My new favorite go-to console emulation
  • 50 series

    by Kritsanaphon
    Cool!! Oversampling include!!!
    Sound very closer API.
  • Great Texture!

    by BBB Man
    I've done a number of sessions on a vintage API console. It's that unique texture that's so lovely about API stuff. Punchy and assertive, but with this almost fluffy, grit that's smooth and tight at the same time?? I dunno, how do you describe this stuff?? Well, I have the UAD Vision strip, track with it with my Apollo, and like it a lot. It's really close. This one though, catches something special about the texture that gets closer to the console, so I'll be using this more for mixing I'm sure. The FET compressor is also just killer on this!
    IMPORTANT POINT --> Thanks for making the EQ gains continuous instead of the 2dB steps of the hardware!!! That's something that always bugged me about the hardware and most emulations. That limitation is ridiculous to carry into the DAW and was always frustrating while mixing. "...Not enough... too much... not enough... too much... Ah screw it, I'll use something else."
    Main gripe: Same as all PA channel strips... No text entry! Please consider this for a future update. It's a timesaver when you know exactly how much of a change you want to make and can just type it in real quick. It's also helpful when trying to match certain settings to another instance for just one or a few parameters, when a copy-paste won't work.
  • It’s one you will love

    by VIP sound technology institute of Dartmouth
    This plug in will suck you dry! Amazing job guys!
  • Joy of Mixing

    by StevenK
    I love channel plugins, esp. from PA with TMT that allows to get an open wider sound. Another important aspect is the interaction of components, the workflow and the "vision" behind it. The API-console is an overwhelming one. I didnt get the picture by single plugins emulating API components. I liked EQ and compressor plugins but in the end, I didnt use them often.
    This one is different. Alll the tools (3 EQs, 2 compressors) are available and you can switch out a component and come back without losing adjustments. These EQs differ and they sound amazing. For (HQ sampled) classical instruments I like the fact that these EQs stay close to the sound, allowing focussing (but not "reshaping"). Without drastic effects you can achieve an improved sound that fits in the mix. Having two complete different compressor models is not only helpful - it is great fun.
    You can get a fast raw mix, lots of tiny improvements by utilizing the different tools, and you can tune these results with different possibilities for coloration.
    This plugin made it possible for me to understand API's vision and to take advantage from it for my mixes.
  • Loving It...

    by Samy
    Just wow... Great work team PA.