Customer Reviews

  • Lindell Audio 50 Series

    by Nutrino
    I've been chasing the best channel strip for years and I can finally take a break because nothing provides the same clarity and punch as this Lindell 50 Series. I've had the privilege of recording at the RAK in London and with this channel across all of my instrument buses, I am back in that legendary studio 2 control room. Unreal.
  • Wonderful Channel Strip.

    by S.C.R.
    This is just a phenomenal channel strip in every way. It's my go-to whenever I need to give something that massive "girthy" sound. Incredible for drums, bass, overdriven guitars, and heavy vocals. It really is quite versatile in terms of what you can do with it, but I personally turn to this channel strip when I require some serious aggression somewhere in the mix.
  • Mixing

    by TX_Rattlesnake
    Immediately upon putting this console strip on each of my tracks, my whole mix sounded amazing. When my singer comes in to record now, he tells me to use this plugin. I HIGHLY recommend the Lindell 50 channel.
  • A new favorite

    by Thetamusic
    Simply a top console. I have used the AMEK 9099 so far and still appreciate this console very much. For my vocals, however, I achieve an even better result with the Lindell 50 series. The voice sounds very clean, is very clear in the mix and still sounds soft and warm. I don't know how that's possible, but the Lindell 50 does it.
  • it is the most real API emulation

    by András Eckert
    Most channel strips have defects compared to the original. Previously, the UAD API channel plugin was the closest to reality, but that's over now. The 50 series of Lindell can sound like the hardware without any fail.
    The EQ and VCA sound perfectly clear, and the FET compressor saturates really musically.
    The GATE is smart and accurate, the "right grip" can be quickly formed with its help.
    All VCA plug-ins on the market distort at high input signal levels, this one doesn't!
  • Perfect for Drums and Bass

    by KevinWaide
    The 50 Series is the perfect channel strip for bass guitar and drums. Punchy kicks and snares, clear bass with a well defined low end, and the choice of 3 different eqs and 2 different compressors really makes this an all-around great choice.
  • APIish but some bugs

    by Monoteur
    I was never be able to listen on a real API desk in reality, but what people told about its what I'm hearing. It's punchy by nature and the 10 band EQ is amazing. On a single drum channel its really magic sometimes, what EQ and the VCA compressor is doing. I would never push other plugins so hard and get a pleasing result.
    But on Studio One 5.5 Pro on a Mac Pro 2013 I have some wired issues with it. When I put other plugins in the channel together with the 50 Series the level meter on the series 50 is get stuck or is slow and when I open other plugins from the channel the graphic getting slow as well. When I remove the 50 series plugin its fine.
  • Love, love, love this!

    by MS
    Did a remix of a rock song I originally mixed with bx_AMEK 9099 to evaluate the Lindell 50 and really, really like the results! Can't say it's better than the AMEK because that one is truly great, but this one is just as great, yet different enough to definitely warrant having both of them around. So I bought this immediately upon reviewing the remix and now have both.
    I never thought I'd be a fan of channel strips, but I must say that the curated features, knob values and routing that are built into these products steer me to fantastic results in very little time, every time. I'll never mix without them again. Particularly like the Lindell 50 swappable components, oversampling, and scalable UI.
  • Getting use to it.

    by Mpcarbone
    Truly my favorite PA plugin BUT the Pre amp is not set up like a real console. I believed you can create the same effect. I suppose I just need to get use to it. I prefer the way UAD has their Api console pre. Also it does not say MIC as in mic pre it's says gain. If it's a MIC Pre shouldn't it just say MIC / LINE?
  • Lindell 50 Series

    by Jer
    Who needs another emulated channel strip? YOU do, and it’s this one. Even if it were just the FET compressor, it would be worth double the money. I had an unruly, aggressive rock vocal that needed taming, and this was the best out of all the plugins I have, hands down.