Customer Reviews

  • Getting use to it.

    by Mpcarbone
    Truly my favorite PA plugin BUT the Pre amp is not set up like a real console. I believed you can create the same effect. I suppose I just need to get use to it. I prefer the way UAD has their Api console pre. Also it does not say MIC as in mic pre it's says gain. If it's a MIC Pre shouldn't it just say MIC / LINE?
  • Lindell 50 Series

    by Jer
    Who needs another emulated channel strip? YOU do, and it’s this one. Even if it were just the FET compressor, it would be worth double the money. I had an unruly, aggressive rock vocal that needed taming, and this was the best out of all the plugins I have, hands down.
  • The Best API Emulation

    by Cwilliam
    To me the API is a must have and this emulation is the best. However I'd love to be able to use two eqs simultaneously without inserting two instances of the plugin, or two compressor so I can take advantage of the color that each compressor offers.
  • 50 Series

    by PMT Studio
    Sounds great but finetuning ie; smaller precise increments tweaking capabilities would make it a winner.
  • So versatile!

    by Gerard
    This channel strip is very versatile and sounds great. I'm not find myself changing the eqs to much, but the two comps are absolutely useful. The GUI is really nice and clear.
  • It's THAT SOUND :)

    by SMJ
    My favorite channel strip, definitely.
    Truly versatile EQ section and the compressor SLAMS
  • Amazing!

    by Ogeday
    It's amazing, I hear the true API sound. Love to use every track, my go to console emulation.
  • Beautiful

    by Saturn Voyager
    Beautiful Sound and Warm sound, My new favorite go-to console emulation
  • 50 series

    by Kritsanaphon
    Cool!! Oversampling include!!!
    Sound very closer API.
  • Great Texture!

    by BBB Man
    I've done a number of sessions on a vintage API console. It's that unique texture that's so lovely about API stuff. Punchy and assertive, but with this almost fluffy, grit that's smooth and tight at the same time?? I dunno, how do you describe this stuff?? Well, I have the UAD Vision strip, track with it with my Apollo, and like it a lot. It's really close. This one though, catches something special about the texture that gets closer to the console, so I'll be using this more for mixing I'm sure. The FET compressor is also just killer on this!
    IMPORTANT POINT --> Thanks for making the EQ gains continuous instead of the 2dB steps of the hardware!!! That's something that always bugged me about the hardware and most emulations. That limitation is ridiculous to carry into the DAW and was always frustrating while mixing. "...Not enough... too much... not enough... too much... Ah screw it, I'll use something else."
    Main gripe: Same as all PA channel strips... No text entry! Please consider this for a future update. It's a timesaver when you know exactly how much of a change you want to make and can just type it in real quick. It's also helpful when trying to match certain settings to another instance for just one or a few parameters, when a copy-paste won't work.