Industry Reviews

  • JC Concato
    JC Concato

    One of the best sounding plug-in EQ I have come across, sounds really musical while remaining transparent. The Air Band is probably one of the first things I bring in on my master channel EQ before Eqing individual tracks.

  • Siegfried Meier
    Siegfried Meier

    The Maag has become my go to kick drum EQ. I feel that the tone shaping it allows for is unmatched by any other equalizer, hardware or plugin. It's a totally unique design that is as musical as it gets. Having used the hardware, I can personally attest that the work Brainworx/PA has done in cloning it is 100% accurate, and that makes me super happy! Being able to track with the plugin with the UAD Apollo is also an amazingly creative way to get the sound I want, at the tracking phase where it needs to sound correct. Couldn't live without this plugin anymore.

  • Nadim Issa
    Nadim Issa

    This EQ is simply like no other. I use the air band constantly, brightening up vocals, drums, and the mix buss. It's crisp and truly open sounds up without being harsh. The sub and low frequency bands are perfect for adding well-defined weight to the kick drum.

  • Soundprank/Colin E. Fisher
    Soundprank/Colin E. Fisher

    The Air-band alone on this little box makes it worth purchasing. Though small in features it does what so many equalizers cannot do, and can add top-end that's super silky, giving tracks more clarity and your percussion and vocals world-class definition. Don't forget about the other bands (including the sub-band), they're all extremely musical and really hit those tonal frequencies that can lift your tracks.

  • Tony Vincent
    Tony Vincent

    I use this EQ constantly. I probably use it mostly on vocals, but I find myself using this plugin on individual drums as well as drum busses obsessively. The Air Band is delicious and adds a top end that is silky and without any harshness.