Customer Reviews

  • EQ4

    by Alfredo
    Simple and good, open and pristine sound. It is incredible natural sound, and very easy to use, the sweet point appear in some seconds. It is almost a plug and play EQ, even if you don´t know about frequencies or ingeneers knowlege, maybe you will find that this EQ is one of the more easy to use from the market, and the sound is outlayer, great sound!
  • Just as good as expectations dictate

    by Daedalus
    A joy to use. Stepped controls might seem limiting at first but it's rather the opposite: they help you hone in on the sound you're after faster. At least for me. The sub is great to use on a Kick, same with the 2.5KHz band (brings out that nice punch).
  • MAAG EQ4

    by Joerg
    That's a great and simple to use EQ, especially when it comes to some LowEnd or Air when needed. I used it on Vocals and Electric Guitars, also on KickDrum. 1 to 2db already have a huge impact. Wouldn't wanna miss it!
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • Maag The Genius

    by DMGJ
    Wonderful for brightening up a vocal performance and opening high and low frequencies of an entire mix. It can easily be used on every instrument in the mix for a little bit of magic.
  • Maag4

    by heimkindRecords
    don´t know the hardware, but this one is a great help on making good mixes even better!
  • Maag EQ4

    by Summer Spiders
    My vocal eq spirit animal
  • EQ4

    by Rski
    This plug in has been with me for several years, it's versatile, at taming a bass heavy track, perhaps a close miked electric guitar or a near miked vocal track, you can trim the bottom end with precision, to retain a warmth and air ,,, very cool
  • Maagnifique

    by J
    This is real nice for getting that open airy sound not to coloured and not clinical either, great on synths and stings but anything could benefit from this
  • Magg!!!

    by Ausil
    I love it!
    This is very smooth and clean EQ!
    I used to vocal and snare drum.
    Especially, air EQ is very clean and fresh sound~!