Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful EQ

    by Adrian S
    This EQ sounds really nice. It adds a beautiful texture that enhances those frequencies that you might like to make more prominent. So be careful or you will push to much. Im trying the Maags not only in vocals as they advertise, but also in some brass MIDI buses and it sounds great.
  • EQ 2 and 4

    by BluelagoonStudios
    They both are good, but handle with care, they fast go harsh. The air band used as a subtle extra is amazing. Too much will kill your mix. Not really a set and forget EQ. And I love the colors too, like the Mäag K compressor. In the Knifonium synth VSTi there also is an instance from this EQ. To give certain sounds that extra.
  • EQ4

    by mvh
    sounds awesome! Recommended
  • Top !

    by Bruno Zucchetti
    Amazing Sound ! Top as every product of PluginAlliance !
    I use it by HDX Dsp and I've subscrived for Mega Bundle Yearly ,as a Top Recording Studio in a pocket ...
    i will buy everything waiting the right promotions !
    Bruno Zucchetti Italy
  • Very musical EQ

    by tripmusic
    Sure the AIR band is why I bought this, but the other bands are also great and useable on many different sources. The way they interact with each other is very unique and a great way to create frequency space.
  • One of a kind

    by TonVE
    First, thank you PA for all the generous offerings the last couple of weeks. I m not a bundle guy i guess, i like to work with a set of tools that really work for my music. Your offerings gave me the opportunity to build that set extensively with top notch tools and i m very grateful that you made that possible for me.
    I take a bow.
    The EQ4 is wonderful btw 5 stars.
  • This is it!

    by Doc
    Transformed my vocals. Wow!
  • Ear opener!

    by YAKUL
    When I first used the maag EQ4 on some distorted guitars I could not believe how much this sweet EQ opens up the guitars! It puts so much air and clarity in them! You get a lot of wetness into your moshing axes with this one! Same for vocals! Pure aaaaaaaaaaaawesomeness!
  • Musical

    by Diarm
    This is exactly what I needed for crisp hi-hats. It's not just the air its the mid range that is quite unique. I'm certain vocals will reveal similar pleasant surprises. Delighted with this.
  • What is left to say...

    by Elliott S.
    No sure what I could add on this one, of course the AIR band, but even the all the other ones, I find myself using the MAAQ EQ4 far more often than i would have thought, pretty handy to quickly shape an element depending of it's key freqs.
    But usually Sub, 40 / 160Hz will allow to tweak impact and bass, 650Hz the low mids/mids presence, 2k5 will provide a pretty handy control on harshness & agressivity / proximity (try it on a harsh vocal that sounds into your face and you'll see how it softens it, then bring on the air band to recover the highs you might have lost!) .
    Anyway... a must.