Customer Reviews

  • A must for vocals

    by Gerard
    This plugin is so simple as it is effective. Always ends my vocal chain and adds some final charm. Yes, you probably you herd it already... the air band is pure magic!
  • Simply the best

    by Phonolis
    I've used all the big player eq plugins from Universal Audio and this equalizer is simply the best for mastering. It really opens out the track and has the eq bands in all the right places. This replaced so many other plugins for mastering.
  • maag

    by aj
  • Muy bueno

    by Thomas Perz
    Uno de los mejores plugins para voces, me sirvió mucho para agregar el brillo necesario a la canción.
  • The Best EQ For Vocals

    by Alexey Soloviev
    I love to use Mäag Audio EQ4 on vocals for creating clear and bright vocals in the mix. Really awesome EQ.
  • Maag EQ4

    by Benzevans
    Great plugin ever.
  • Great eq

    by D fichna
    Really love the sound of this eq, the air band gives that sheen on the high end that people strive for.
  • best

    by cam jones
    Ive been producing in cubase since I was 18 years old and I'm 32 now. I have used countless plugins and pieces of hardware and after seeing dave pensado with two eq4 500 series units and hearing what he was doing I had to have this plugin. I first got the demo and was immediately just blown away with the simplicity. Taking out low muddy mids or adding sub or adding 5 or 10 up top for the air is amazing... just going back and forst with the gain up a few notches and scanning the different sounds I was getting it became extremely simple to carve everything out in the mix. Once the demo was up I had to go back to my old eq plugins and it just wasn't the same so I bought this for 229 us american dollhairs. Great job. Very inspiring!
  • Beautiful EQ

    by Adrian S
    This EQ sounds really nice. It adds a beautiful texture that enhances those frequencies that you might like to make more prominent. So be careful or you will push to much. Im trying the Maags not only in vocals as they advertise, but also in some brass MIDI buses and it sounds great.
  • EQ 2 and 4

    by BluelagoonStudios
    They both are good, but handle with care, they fast go harsh. The air band used as a subtle extra is amazing. Too much will kill your mix. Not really a set and forget EQ. And I love the colors too, like the Mäag K compressor. In the Knifonium synth VSTi there also is an instance from this EQ. To give certain sounds that extra.