Customer Reviews

  • Maag eq 4

    by Madeeh
    Maag Eq simply the number 1 must have eq ever, thats not a question or answer.
    whatever you do as audio you need maag eq, amazing body in low end, unique mid range and unbelievable air section, in the other hand, the best emulsion for this eq is here with this great company plugin alliance.
    Madeeh Ibrahim
  • maaq

    by sander
    works super!
  • great!

    by Txema
    ideal to spice up your high end
  • Perfect

    by Marco
    Lovely vocal air and sound
  • EQ4

    by NeuroWulf
    Love it, great sound
  • Hyped for a reason

    by jwf
    I'm pretty skeptical about plugins these days, but I can say that this little thing does something special. The air setting is really magical. Much better than any other plugin that I've tried that attempts to add high end sparkle. No harshness at all. Worth the money
  • producir

    by annel
    muy bueno
  • Juan

    by juanprod
    de toda musica
  • Excelencia musical

    by Pablo Fiore
    Se destaca en el aire como todos sabemos pero cuando lo usas combinado especialmente con el eq2 es como tener una perfección en control de toques musicales, podés aplicar dulzura en dónde quieras dando un poder musical de otro nivel en mi caso a mis pistas de vocales de rap
  • Maag EQ4

    by ugurcanayan
    Air Band