Industry Reviews

  • Mastering Compressor Class A

    Rich Tozzoli

    Grammy-nominated Producer, Mixer, & Composer (David Bowie, Carly Simon, Boston Pops)

    This thing is pretty ferocious! I have it on Discreet with Steel, adding a touch of Stereo Width, some Mono Maker and its ripping....I like that you can squeeze the Master Channel up to 3db and it doesn't cut off your peaks, it just smashes it all together like tubes do.....dig it!

  • Mastering Compressor Class A

    Michael Brauer

    7 Grammy Awards (Coldplay, John Mayer, The Rolling Stones)

    I love my customized Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, not only did Brainworx match it, but I have to admit, I wish it had all those extra cool features like the mono-maker, stereo width and the parallel to name a few.

  • Mastering Compressor Class A

    Tue Madsen

    Music Producer & Sound Engineer (Meshuggah, Dark Tranquillity, Suicide Silence)

    This is such a powerful tool for compression. Instantly worked its way into the mixes I am working on at the moment and made me go back to a few to put it in there too. Very nice and round feel, and at the same time can deliver in your face comp smash in a very flexible way that suits a lot of projects right away.

  • Mastering Compressor Class A

    Lucas (Luke) Pimentel

    Grammy & Dove nominated, Gold, Platinum & Diamond awarded Mastering Engineer (Jeremy Riddle, Miel San Marcos, Marcos Witt)

    Wow, just wow!! The New Version of the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor has taken this tool to a whole different level. With TMT and M/S features alone, this emulation is now replacing other plugins in my chain. I never thought I would consider selling my Hardware until now... .

  • Mastering Compressor Class A

    Robert Venable

    Producer and Sound Engineer (Megadeth, Twenty One Pilots, Kelly Clarkson)

    This plugin gives you a spot-on emulation of the top-dollar mastering compressor we all know and love, but can do things that the original can't! The headroom adjustment abilities, as well as M/S controls are perfect for fine tuning your mixes and masters. Throw this on your drum buss with some deep optical compression and run it through the nickel transformer to take your drums to the next level. I'm using this on everything right now!

  • Mastering Compressor Class A

    Michael Romanowski

    Grammy Award-winning engineer (Alicia Keys, G-Love, Lady Gaga)

    The Shadow Hills Class A Mastering Compressor is a great new tool for my work. It has all of the vibe and sound from the previous version, with even more, and less. I like the addition of the Brainworx TMT process to the original. The random Chanel various that would occur in hardware makes it feel very musical. The headroom adjustment is fantastic. It reminds me of the open sound that I can get with a higher rail voltage on my console and on some of my hardware boxes. Only variable. Nice! And the Monomaker is a fantastic elliptical filter for tightening a mix or for one that will go to lacquer cutting for LP manufacturer. The less part is the transparency of the compressor stages. It feels more musical and less like it is working. You did it again Brainworx!

  • Mastering Compressor Class A

    Bryan Reilly

    Producer, Engineer & Musician

    The new Class A version of the Mastering Compressor is by far the best emulation I’ve used yet. When I was dialing in this plugin, it really felt like I was dialing in a piece of hardware.