Industry Reviews

  • EQ Ranger Plus

    Thomas Gold

    Producer/DJ (Armada, Axtone, Protocol, Revealed)

    Really love the sound of this one; it is warm and smooth without being harsh when you crank up the highs. The module selection is great; you can instantly switch to another ‘character’ of the spectrum. I love how easy it is to work with this plug and how fast you can get the sound you are looking for!

  • EQ Ranger Plus

    Craig Bauer

    Grammy Winning Mixing Engineer/Record Producer (Hinge Studios)

    Developing the modules for EQ Ranger Plus was a fun and rewarding project. Whether a pro or a novice, having a variety of EQ setups to quickly pick from will give you a great starting point. For the novice, a graphic EQ like this is a great tool for honing your EQ skills.

  • EQ Ranger Plus



    I have a lot of EQs but most seem to lack a clean interface. This allows you to go in and attack areas you want. Grabbing curves in other plugins means messing with Q values, but I find this method super quick and intuitive. The air around 16k is sounding so good and the presets are awesome for quick processing of drums.