Customer Reviews

  • EQ Ranger Plus

    by Erik Dangenoir (Cercl'oeil Prodctions-CEO/Founder):INSANASOMNIA, Imaginary-Steps...
    Three 560s Plus on corticosteroids, assisted by two great musical brains.
  • SPL EQ Ranger Plus

    by Ronnie / Caught in Action
    This was a game changer for me. I'm a musician who needs a quick way to get the right EQ on what I record and to get the right feel for the sound.
    I have many plugins from plugin from Plugin Alliance (which are wonderful) but this is the absolute fastest way to get the right sound when I record.
    Thanks / Ronnie
  • Amazing EQ!

    by Yetcop
    I first tried the Ranger FREE and I loved it, I saw that the Ranger Plus was at $ 29.99 and decided to buy it. It immediately became my favorite EQ, for mixing and mastering, I love what I can achieve in just a few steps. This piece must be part of your arsenal.
  • Easy and good

    by Pitti Weidenhof
    Easy to use EQ without many knobs. Great to work with, espacially on electric guitars and vocals. I don´t like many knobs. I like sound. Ranger sounds.
  • My first PA plugin

    by Nick F
    As a newbie mixer I bought the v1 of this. It really helped train my ear and has the BEST preset list of any EQ i've ever used (the plus version that is). If you run out of ideas finding that frequency or not getting the cut through and just can't 'hear' how to solve the issue? This is a great visual and audio tool for that moment, while then also being a great 'it just sounds better with it on' plugin. This is often at the end the chain on tracks, reverb bus and stems.
  • EQ Ranger Plus

    by Spinncontrol
    Its works, sounds really
    good, and simple to use = 5 stars
  • Fantastic!

    by Musician B.
    It is fantastic EQ for everything!! Love it! Presets!!!!
  • EQ Ranger Plus

    by Zenpoolzone
    Very impressive EQ! The kind of EQ that you need sometimes in your arsenal to shape the tone of an instrument very fast. Easy of use, efficient and very musical the way I like it to keep my creative process "au maximum"!
  • Ranger EQ

    by Little Cloud
    I use this little fella on every session I do now....nothing more to say about it except thanks to the contributors of the presets! THANKYOU! :-)
  • EQ Ranger

    by audioangel
    Excellent! Quick easy to use and a great time saver. Top quality product.