Industry Reviews

  • Mo-Verb Plus


    Songwriter/Producers (G-Eazy, Bebe Rexha, One Direction)

    Loving the updated SPL plugins. I’ve always run them in parallel so to have the wet/dry knob is a godsend. The peak limiter is also a welcomed extra, especially on the Attacker Plus. You can treat it like a clipper and drive the transient into it. Really cool stuff.

  • Mo-Verb Plus

    Josh Newell

    Producer, Engineer, Mixer (Linkin Park, Anthrax, Avril Lavigne)

    The SPL Mo-Verb Plus is a fantastic tool not only for adding sustain to the shells in a drum kit but also for bringing out sustain on room mics or adjusting the sound of a small room. The newly added wet/dry feature makes it even easier to fine tune your settings.

  • Mo-Verb Plus

    Michael Zimmerling

    (Bloc Party, Simply Red, Will Young)

    It comes as a pleasant surprise to see that Plugin Alliance has updated these wonderful SPL Micro Plugins to a ‘Plus’ version. They look more appealing with a new limiter, dry/wet function, and improved automation, and on top of that, they sound a bit more polished to me. In short: The 'Analog Code' is back!! These plugins do exactly what it says on the tin. SPL Attacker Plus, SPL De-Verb Plus, and SPL Mo-Verb Plus are back in my daily mix setup and have saved me hours to get that sound fast. I admire the love and passion from the PA team, and you need to check these out now.

  • Mo-Verb Plus

    Lee Slater

    Producer/Mixer/Engineer (Emeli Sande, Roots Manuva, Lana del Rey)

    Big drums from tiny source material? You got it! Does exactly as you'd expect creating air & ambience from seemingly no where.