Industry Reviews

  • Bass-Mint

    Mick Schultz

    Producer (Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Jeremih)

    The cool thing about Bass-Mint is not using it on bass, and it still sounds magical.

  • Bass-Mint

    BT (Brian Wayne Transeau)

    Musician, Composer, Singer, DJ and Audio Technician

    Bass-Mint is an epic solution to an age-old problem - how do I get more consistent and punchy bass and sub information in my kicks and basslines? Bass-Mint is the glue to bind this difficult part of the frequency spectrum. It’s replaced VOG and Bark of the Dog as my go-to bass enhancement and management tool.

  • Bass-Mint


    Producer, Artist, Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter

    I love how Bass-Mint can be an effect as opposed to only being a utility for subsonic bass enhancement. I found I could easily use it for creative sound design with all my analog synths, Eurorack, instruments, and drum machines; the added sub-bottom is clear, defined, and smooth. The Synthesize mode is super cool for acoustic kick drums because it adds an almost “unreal” electronic 808 style tuned tail. It was literally like threading it through one of my drum machines.

  • Bass-Mint

    John Sparkz

    French Montana, Gunna, Action Bronson

    But here is when I realized I will be using this forever... Put the Bass-Mint on an 808 or even a kick, and the knock and low-end is earth-shaking. 

    Whatever magic Plugin Alliance put in this plugin is incredible. It's delicate enough to bring an acoustic guitar to life, and yet can still make your 808's and kicks knock. 10/10 Amazing.

  • Bass-Mint

    Fabian Mazur

    Music Producer, DJ

    Really dig this plugin. Super intuitive and applicable to a lot of different sounds! I’ve been using it mostly to get my basses that extra edge, whether it’s just to beef up the midrange or to change up the entire sound. Very thought-through GUI with filters, mono-maker, and soft clipping options as well. The different modes make this plugin very unique, and I know I’m gonna be using it a lot in my sound design process, especially the Resonate and Octave modes!