Industry Reviews

  • Fault

    Mr. Bill

    Producer/Educator (Mr. Bill)

    This thing has given me some of the craziest textures I've heard in a minute!

  • Fault

    Rogerio Jardim

    Drummer/Singer/Producer (Infected Mushroom)

    I’ve been messing around with Fault on my tracks, and I’ve been very impressed with its super creative processing. So far I am using it on drums, horns, guitars… It’s super easy to operate and very accurate. This tools will definitely bring image to your mixes.

  • Fault

    Greg Wurth

    Producer, Engineer (Greg Wurth Audio, Steve Vai)

    Fault is an intriguing plugin because it offers an infinite amount of possibilities to create sounds that I would have never imagined or created elsewhere. I am always on the look out for new and exciting plugins and this one is definitely in my top 10.

  • Fault

    Scott Kirkland

    Musician/Film Score Producer/DJ (Crystalwerks Studios, The Crystal Method & Bandwidth)

    It’s like you recorded your sounds to a cassette tape and left it on your car dashboard in the hot sun until it got all warbly and degraded. That’s only part of what's so great about Fault.