Industry Reviews

  • Needlepoint

    James "Fluff" Harley

    Producer & Mixing Engineer (KoRn, Prince, Yumi Matsutoya)

    The new Needlepoint plugin is a completely badass lofi plug. From the sonic imprint to the depth of the parameters, the Needlepoint plugin is a must-have tool in my arsenal.

  • Needlepoint


    Record Producer & Mixing Engineer (Stormzy, Kojey Radical, Swindle, Sir Spyro)

    I have no idea whats going on under the hood or if its actually modeled on a real record player/cutter but it sounds great. It has a cool way of handing top end, especially boosting top end into Needlepoint. I love the different types of saturation it has but (Unfiltered audio) are kings of saturation, so yea. Or if you’re sick and tired of using vinyl noise samples this is  a great way of synthesizing your own Vibes.

  • Needlepoint


    Producer, Artist, Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter

    Needlepoint should also stand for how you can specially tailor the sound of the grit and white noise to your input signal, like crafting different sonic clothes for each sound. Honestly, it’s more than making synths or drums sound like they are dressed up with vinyl; more like making them become old skool, quirky, and alive…

  • Needlepoint


    Multi-platinum mixing engineer

    Needlepoint is incredibly fun and creates instant texture and color. My favorite part is the Spindown button, it just sounds so damn good! And the Age knob is great for quickly automating a filter to keep things interesting.

    Tip: try using the left Gain knob as a preamp on drums or loops!

  • Needlepoint

    Brad Cox

    Producer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer (Slash, T Pain, Moonshine Bandits)

    This is a fun tool for your toolbox. Add some color, warmth, character or a little bit of vinyl excitement. You can also go crazy with it for audio warping, mangling and slow down effect. This will help make your loops or in the box sounds really stand out.

  • Needlepoint

    Jeru The Damaja

    Rapper & Record Producer (member of the Gang Starr posse)

    The way you can take a clean digital signal and make it sound like an analog sample is amazing.

  • Needlepoint

    Matt Lange

    Producer/Composer/DJ (mau5trap, isoRhythm, Anjunadeep)

    Needlepoint is texture heaven!  Such a comprehensive set of tools to add some nostalgic crunch, warble, and liveliness to any sound you feed it.  It’s truly creative and inspiring. Love it.