Industry Reviews

  • SILO

    Richard Devine

    Sound Designer/Artist (Hollywood Edge, Sound Delux, Sony Creative Software)

    That's what I really love about their plugins: they create this really fun interactive playground where you just turning a couple of knobs, turning some switches on. And before you know it, a couple of minutes later you created this entirely different soundscape. 

  • SILO

    Anthony Baldino

    Composer, Music Producer & Sound Designer (Prometheus, Interstellar, Star Wars)

    I really love Silo! The fact that it 's essentially three complex plugins in one makes it wildly useful and flexible across a number of applications. It's truly one of the most creative approaches to granular processing I've come across in a while. I'm not sure what I like most about it! The implementation of Euclidean rhythms into the granulator is a really refreshing take on synced grains and instantly offers a different perspective on what I'm working on along with a multitude of variation. The vast amount of options within the reverb functions alone and how they tie into the granulator are enough to sell me on this but the spatializer just takes it over the top. I love all the different specialization algorithms and how you can really dial it in to either be this chaotic, jittery panning system or create really smooth spaces that almost seem alive. Also, the fact that there's a button to randomize the entire preset is an awesome feature to help uncover even more inspiration.

  • SILO

    Nadia Struiwigh

    Artist, Musician & Streamer

    The SILO is perfect for sound design, but also to make your sample sound better in the mix, or to boost your creative workflow.

  • SILO

    Michael Stein

    Composer, Producer & Mixing Engineer (Stranger Things, S U R V I V E, Boan)

    I am quickly integrating SILO into my workflow as a mixing tool and means of inspiring creativity while writing. It is very versatile for adding a different flavor to an older way of doing something or using it to make something completely new sounding. My favorite things about it are the intuitive interface and how round it sounds compared to a lot of other granular processors I have used - making it a lot more natural sounding, and having the ability to use it in many ways other than “that one trick”.

  • SILO


    DJ & Producer

    This product has me really excited because the creative opportunities are boundless and you can just jump right in. This plug-in is worth every dollar and must-have for those interested in quality reverb and creativity.

  • SILO

    Mick Schultz

    Producer (Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Jeremih)

    SILO is going to be a definite go-to for my sound design work. I think it’s a hit.

  • SILO


    Producer, Artist, Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter

    SILO reminds me of some of my favorite granular Eurorack modules, yet it is still unique from them all. Analog synths and modular naturally pair well with it, especially for pads to get lo-fi, grainy vintage textures that sound like some of my favorite electronic records. For acoustic drums, it becomes a percussion industrial machine. For vocals, I can easily create a layer of warbly, detuned unison backgrounds or a demented sounding octave-down enchantress sneaking under my lead. Now I’m gonna push my uke, violin, and acoustic into the SILO! :)