Industry Reviews

  • SpecOps

    Kate Finan

    Owner and Supervising Sound Editor at Boom Box Post

    SpecOps by Unfiltered Audio is an incredibly powerful design tool that I'm ecstatic to have in my toolbox. This spectral processor allows the user to apply pre-made effects to specific frequency windows while also pitch shifting, adding compression, and creating feedback. Best of all, it integrates Unfiltered Audio's easy-to-use patchable modulation system. Using this, you can add various types of modulation to any other parameter in the plugin. The sound design possibilities are endless

  • SpecOps

    Katie Tavini

    Mastering Engineer (Red Bull, Sonic Boom Six, Bonehead)

    SpecOps puts creativity back into audio processing with some super fun and stunning sounding ways of manipulating sound!

  • SpecOps

    D. Ramirez

    Producer/DJ (Toolroom)

    SpecOps is one hell of a beast -- it can be subtle or downright crazy; you decide. It’s glitchy, gritty, nasty, clean... it’s highly tweakable and the range of sounds and uses you can squeeze from it are just mind boggling! It’s perfect for when I want to get experimental and do things I just can’t do with anything else.

  • SpecOps

    Jody Wisternoff

    DJ, Producer (Way Out West)

    An amazing sound mangler from the stunning Sandman Pro creators. Granular pitch shifting craziness is the name of the game here; gonna use this one to death. :)

  • SpecOps

    Richard Devine

    Sound Designer and Artist (Hollywood Edge, Sound Delux, Sony Creative Software)

    SpecOps is one of the most unique plugins I have come across, the modular automation control over the 36 spectral transformation modes is absolutely insane! The sounds are completely out of this world!

  • SpecOps


    Producer/Performer (Dr. Dre, Justin Bieber, Train)

    The future is just a sound away.