Customer Reviews


    by Pete
    I think this is one of the best (and still so small in terms of $) investments to FX I've ever made. Having iZotope Everything Bundle, being former Waves Local Representative, 25 years in pro musicware industry, a computer programmer myself, etc. so writing this all from that point of view;)
    Well, guys at Unfiltered Audio, when I was watching the presentations for SpecOps and those guys had their mouth open, I did not know that I will do the same :))) Downloaded the demo and in 5 mins was buying it. And with the voucher from you Plugin Alliance, thanks a lot for it.
    Compared to some similar functions of various Glitch and Freeze and granular FXs, etc., maybe with e.g. Melda Production HarmonizerMB (MB means the multiband version) I am far far more productive with with SpecOps, as it is way simpler and so has a greeeeat intuitive workflow, open for creativity - no long learning for me, just tried some presets and enjoyed. The Harmonizer, packed in the Melda's famous 'unbelievable' and amazingly parameterizable UI, has of course lots to offer in terms of sound manipulation, LFOs, multiparameters, followers, ... and lots more. HarmonizerMB is just a bit overcrowded with knobs and buttons for me, hardly distinguishable and memorizable. Still with hard to parallel parameterizing and automation possibilities.
    Also maybe iZotope's Break Tweaker could be compared to some SpecOps functions, but Break Tweaker cannot process audio track, but has its own sequencer that is again an obstacle in productivity and workflow, but is also an amaaaaaazing tool (re various freezing and glitching and sound twisting functions especially).
    Ok, guys, well, thanks almighty God and you for this brilliant piece, so simple, and so powerful, Bless us please, Pete
  • Amazing creative possibilities

    by Under A Mile
    Can make a stylophone sound like the loudest doom mongering ship foghorn! I used it for just that on a recent track.
    Really useful when an instrument is just not sitting right in the mix - you can manipulate its spectrum in many ways, it never fails to help. Also helps convert cheesy sounding keys to something more modern when remastering.
  • SpecOps

    by 6Rev
    Weird, but really cool. Try the demo first, though.
  • SpecOps

    by element4audio
    wow, I only wanted test it, but then to one hour i bougth it. The noise filter section is the more powerfull on the market. Have other interesting options, but the filter (and the compander) is a unique gem. One of my favorite plugin at now, imprecindible for a good mix session.
  • Do not expect too much

    by Loque
    You should not expect too much here. Its quite nice for a bit sound mangling and experimentation and thats it.
    The amount of fx types are in fact just a handfull with different variations and there could defenetly more for a spectral FX. The quality is ok.
    The modulation possiblities are ok. No direct Mixing/scaling of modulators. No MIDI key input.
    Making my low end glow or my high shine, i would take other fx.
    The patches are quite boring.
  • This one is Unique

    by Carbinax
    I use a lot of multi-effect plugins by other developers, because they can start you off at unexpected places you would never have consciously dialled in to. There are a lot of tools that do the same but have different GUIs, but Spec-Ops has a very immediate uniqueness.
    I was expecting horrible aliased ringmod and bitcrushing, so I had to demo it. I found a tired old generic drumloop cos I always want to hear what new plugins can do to the most boring sounds first, and if they make them sound amazing, then I know it's a good investment.
    I knew after I heard the 4th preset that it was something special and bought it straightaway. It's practically theft at this price. Thank you yet again Plugin Alliance =)
  • Sound design without limits

    by Sesdadé
    It is always grateful to finally find a resource that opens an infinite field of possibilities to creativity.
    SpecOps is a unique and invaluable effect. It takes you to immerse yourself in the most profound and enriching sound experimentation.
  • A powerful spectral domain processor. With a Lua engine would be perfect for the expert user!

    by spectralizer
    Simple to use and extremely versatile. Unfortunately, the spectral domain implies a latency generally not tolerable for live use. Despite this, a window opens up on a world of sound processing closer to how the ear perceives sounds and this plugin represents a desert island.
    We must not forget that other similar plugins like the old Little Endian SonarWorx are capable of very effective processing that are not found here.
    The ways of processing the audio can be infinite so more generally it would be very useful to add a Lua engine for programming. Experienced users would surely be thrilled without using csound or other DSP platforms and SpecOps would become a very powerful development platform!
  • fantastic secret weapon

    by stringtheory
    i use this in my guitar effects chain, live (using GigPerformer for that). i can create wonderful textured, spacious, and really strange sounds that are unique and astonishing! i play a lot of strange, experimental, and progressive music, and SpecOps works wonderfully in my bag of tricks. the midi control of parameters, which i connect to my foot controller, means that an already dynamic effect becomes a live kaleidoscope.
  • SpecOps operation

    by eric b.
    I like all my plugin from Unfiltered Audio and this one is no exception. If you are into sound design or want to add some new flavor to your sound. This plugin will fit perfectly for you. Amazing possibility.