Customer Reviews

  • A powerful spectral domain processor. With a Lua engine would be perfect for the expert user!

    by spectralizer
    Simple to use and extremely versatile. Unfortunately, the spectral domain implies a latency generally not tolerable for live use. Despite this, a window opens up on a world of sound processing closer to how the ear perceives sounds and this plugin represents a desert island.
    We must not forget that other similar plugins like the old Little Endian SonarWorx are capable of very effective processing that are not found here.
    The ways of processing the audio can be infinite so more generally it would be very useful to add a Lua engine for programming. Experienced users would surely be thrilled without using csound or other DSP platforms and SpecOps would become a very powerful development platform!
  • fantastic secret weapon

    by stringtheory
    i use this in my guitar effects chain, live (using GigPerformer for that). i can create wonderful textured, spacious, and really strange sounds that are unique and astonishing! i play a lot of strange, experimental, and progressive music, and SpecOps works wonderfully in my bag of tricks. the midi control of parameters, which i connect to my foot controller, means that an already dynamic effect becomes a live kaleidoscope.
  • SpecOps operation

    by eric b.
    I like all my plugin from Unfiltered Audio and this one is no exception. If you are into sound design or want to add some new flavor to your sound. This plugin will fit perfectly for you. Amazing possibility.
  • SpecOps

    by j tayo
    SpecOps, SpecOps,SpecOps,SpecOps,SpecOps... ----ing SpecOps,Careful with this one it should have a health warning!Under headphones for 3 hours simple synth loop looped,iv been to Mars and back man SpecOps sorry did i just say SpecOps Is there a doctor(Shrink) in the the house!!And i got it for peanuts HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Ha h a h a h a h a ha ha
  • Like no other

    by phattywiggins
    It's a tool that I've always wished I'd had, but no one made. Now it's here, and I couldn't be happier. It's not appropriate for every situation, particularly if you want a clean sound because it has a very process sound, but for electronic producers and sound designers, this is a must-have. So many new plug-ins do the same thing, and it's often hard to justify getting the new EQ, or compressor, or delay, reverb, etc... because I already have something that can do the same job, but not SpecOps. It's an all-in-one mangler that can take you to the moon if you so choose. It also does cool subtle things too, like reverb, delay, distortion, and more. It takes some playing around to get used to it and figure out how to best use it, but it's soooo much fun and worth the time seeing what crazy sounds you can make.
  • Deep and Unique Sound Design Tool

    by TakodaC
    At first I was skeptical how useful this plugin would be, but after spending some time with it I’ve found it to be a great tool for sound design. It can do things that none of my other plugins can, and the workflow is quite quick once you get used to the interface.
  • i love it

    by teen wei
    great on trap hat!
  • dope plugin

    by Mr. Chiboiborn
    im still learning this plugin, its user friendly and easy to interact with the interface and create to presets or effects chain.
  • SpecOps

    by muki
    wow! what a beast!
    don't buy it, unless you plan to spend the next days/nights/weeks in front of your computer...addictive!
  • Purchase

    by Bishop
    Species is the type of plugin I've been looking for for a very long time it's not so much what it does but more like what it doesn't do ..i use it for everything on anything I can just pop one in and creating basically anything I hear in my head ..
    Well worth the money