Industry Reviews

  • Matcha

    Jordan Rudess

    Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment

    Matcha is a very realistic guitar virtual instrument with some very nice control and flexibility. I really like the muted sounds in combination with the harmonics that you can achieve. Also very wise is the extended ability for pitch-bending control. One is able to bend select notes which helps the realism a lot. I got some great tones out of Matcha!! 

  • Matcha

    Mendel bij de Leij

    Composer, Musician, Mix & Mastering Engineer

    Using the WEDGE FORCE Matcha made me dig into a creative zone that I haven’t dug in before!

  • Matcha

    Antoan Yank

    Producer, Songwriter & Keyboard Player

    I am extremely passionate about this product. Re-amping its clean DI signal with guitar effects gives me limitless tone possibilities and inspires me to be creative in ways that were impossible before!