Yes, we send out personal loyalty gift vouchers to our paying customers almost every month.

We may not be sending out monthly gift vouchers during major promotions though, for example the big XMAS promo. But... in these months we will have offers for everybody which typically far exceed a simple gift voucher anyway.

Our monthly customer loyalty vouchers are automatically generated by our backend system, based on the amount of purchases you made in the past, and are subject to change based on your spending habits. This system is completely automated and calculates your vouchers based on the product purchases you made within the last months.

Please note that your spending tier is calculated based on NET prices of the products you purchased (excluding VAT taxes, US sales taxes, returns and vouchers). Also, we reserve the right to change our voucher policy anytime in the future. The vouchers we send out are something we do on a voluntary basis, so the info on this web site only represents how we handle things at this point.

Please make sure that you are subscribed to our mailing list as you will otherwise miss your vouchers and the best deals available, which we send out via email. HERE you can sign up!