Quickly mix live performances like a professional mixing engineer

The Brainworx bx_enhancer plugin includes an input tuner display, saturator, compressor, equalizer (EQ), clipper, Auto Level feature, input and output gain controls, and various meters. It has a pre-configured signal path that simplifies the mixing process, making it an ideal mixing plugin for musicians with limited mixing experience. The controls are simple and allow you to thicken, tighten, and shape the tone of recordings with minimal effort.

Visualize the tuning of instruments in real time

The bx_enhancer’s built-in tuner display makes tuning stringed instruments, analog synths, and percussive elements straightforward. By default, 440 Hz is the tuner’s reference frequency, but you can select any value between 300-500 Hz, including popular alternative tunings like 432 Hz or 415 Hz. bx_enhancer’s tuner can help you notice pitch drift throughout the duration of a performance, making it a critical quality assurance tool.

Put a saturator, compressor, EQ, and clipper at your fingertips

Brainworx's bx_enhancer is an all-in-one plugin for mixing individual tracks and groups, integrating the three most essential mixing tools into one package. These include a saturator, compressor, and EQ, each typically applied directly to a track to enhance sound quality. There’s also a built-in clipper capable of harmonic distortion. With reverb and delay set up on aux tracks, bx_enhancer provides all the features necessary to mix a song from start to finish while infusing it with analog vibes.

Create wide and controlled mixes

Advanced controls include a Mono Maker, Stereo Width knob, Pan control, and Mix parameter. The Mono Maker sums sounds into mono up to 1,500 Hz, ensuring a tighter, clearer low-end with reduced phase issues. By adjusting the Stereo Width knob, you can narrow or widen elements in your mix to fit appropriately within the stereo field. Dialing back the Mix parameter controls the blend between the dry and wet signal, applying all of the plugin’s effects in parallel.

Eliminate loudness bias

The bx_enhancer's Auto Level feature addresses the common issue of loudness bias, which can trick your ears into thinking that louder sounds appear subjectively better. This feature matches the plugin’s output level to its input level. By eliminating loudness bias, bx_enhancer helps you make well-informed mixing decisions and achieve the polished results you’re looking for.


  • Tuner display
  • Sculpt (Saturator & Clipper) section
  • Compressor section
  • Colour (EQ) section
  • Mono Maker, Stereo Width, Pan, and Mix knobs
  • Input and output gain controls
  • Input and output peak/RMS meters
  • Left-right balance meter
  • Phase correlation meter
  • Auto Level switch

Audio Examples

Industry Reviews

  • Skyler Gibbons

    Skyler Gibbons

    Recording engineer (Syko, Lil Wayne, Moneybagg yo)

    I am obsessed with using this on 2-Track instrumentals that lack punch & clarity. I often run into situations where the artist is unable to get track stems from the producer, this plugin gives… Read More

  • Mark Sherry

    Mark Sherry

    DJ, record producer and remixer

    LOVE this plugin, it gets my instruments sounding big in no time.

  • Koen Heldens

    Koen Heldens

    Mixing Engineer (XXXTentacion, Trippie Redd, Swae Lee)

    When EQ falls short and you require swift results, I prefer using bx_enhancer for the job.

  • Kai Tracid

    Kai Tracid

    Trance DJ and producer

    I really like the bx_enhancer as it helps me to stay in the flow. Super simple to use and a super easy workflow.

  • Dim Chord

    Dim Chord

    DJ, Producer, Mixing-Mastering Engineer

    With the bx_enhancer I can bring a sound to the point I want with a very musical sounding result 3 times faster than using a chain with 2-3 plugins. It really enhances the sound and brings out the… Read More

Customer Reviews

  • Something more...

    by Synthitize
    I find it extremely effective on drums (kick) and bass to shape the sound. These settings are fine and allow great precision in adjusting the sound
    The integrated compressor is a… Read More


Supported Plugin Formats
AAX Native, AU, AAX AudioSuite, VST2, VST3

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 14 down to macOS 11
Windows 11 down to Windows 10

Intel, or Apple Silicon

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM


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Brainworx bx_enhancer - Changelog

Version 1.0 (Nov 8, 2023)
- Release version