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bx_subsynth is the Holy Grail for bass fanatics. Integrating a mix of classic and modern processing, this 10-ton beast gives music tracks, cinematic special FX and DJs’ sound systems a bottom end that goes all the way to the Earth’s core!

In developing bx_subsynth, Brainworx initially made a meticulous model of the legendary dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer’s Waveform Modeling™ engine, which generates discrete bass frequencies one octave below what you feed in to it. They then supersized the 120XP’s feature set to create much tighter, clearer, bigger and resonant bass.

For starters, bx_subsynth generates subharmonics in up to three discrete frequency bands versus the 120XP’s two—the addition of a higher bass band for resynthesis lets you capture and nosedive the fundamental frequencies of a much wider variety of instruments, including snare drum and acoustic guitar. The Tight Punch control creates crystal-clear, body-thumping bass by adding a resonant sub-bass peak and filtering out unwanted lows below its cutoff frequency. Powerful Edge processing lets you select from two modes of operation—Smooth and Harsh—that compress and saturate your tracks, alternately delivering super-compact or explosively trashy drums and throbbing, in-your-face bass guitar. And of course, being a Brainworx plugin, bx_subsynth is a surgeon’s knife for stereo imaging: On stereo tracks, you can choose to process only the mid channel or both left and right channels, collapse the processed bass to super-tight mono, and stretch the stereo image a mile wide.

Let’s Be Clear
Bass EQ can’t do what bx_subsynth does. The discrete frequencies bx_subsynth generates leave more space across the bass-frequency band for other instruments, letting you jack up subsynth’s bass without muddying your mix. Plus, EQs can’t boost bass in a thin track that doesn’t have any bottom to begin with. bx_subsynth doesn’t just boost—it adds new bottom! And whereas psychoacoustic bass processors trick your brain into hearing phantom subharmonics that don’t actually exist—and which you can’t feel—bx_subsynth adds real sub-bass that will shake your body like an earthquake!

The applications are limitless. Retune your drum tracks: Dial in higher subharmonics for rack toms and lower ones for the floor tom for colossal, pounding drum fills. Boost different subharmonics on a kick drum and bass guitar to separate their sounds in the mix, for increased clarity and punch. Add subterranean thunder to sustained left-hand octaves on piano tracks. Automatically generate a perfectly synchronized bassline from the bottom strings played on an arpeggiated acoustic guitar track; two knob twists are all it takes to focus the bassline’s image dead-center and massively widen the guitar’s stereo image up to 400%.

Remastering engineers can use bx_subsynth to add a fat bottom end to thin vinyl masters and old recordings made on narrow-gauge multitrack tape recorders. Sound designers can pump up weak cinematic FX with terrifying lows. DJs can turbocharge their sound systems’ low end to woofer-shattering extremes. This is bottom end you can feel in your rattling bones.

bx_subsynth. Feel the bass.

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Legal Disclaimer: dbx 120XP and Waveform Modeled Synthesis are registered trademarks of Harman International. The bx_subsynth was developed by Brainworx based on its own modeling techniques. dbx, Harman, nor any of their affiliate companies have endorsed or sponsored the bx_subsynth in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.



  • Models the dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer’s elemental sound, with dramatically expanded processing capabilities and controls
  • Adds thunderous lows to music tracks, cinematic FX and DJ sound systems
  • Separate controls independently boost synthesized subharmonics in three bass-frequency bands, each of which can be soloed and feature an output-level meter
  • Helpful signal indicators show you at a glance which subharmonic bands to boost for most dramatic effect on different sources
  • A signal-boosting input-trim screw for each bass-frequency band helps generate strong subharmonics from dry bass signal that would otherwise be too weak
  • Master volume knob controls summed subharmonics’ output level
  • Tight Punch provides resonant high-pass—with adjustable cutoff frequency—for accentuated punch while taming excessive low end
  • Low End control adjusts total bass output for perfect balance with mids and highs
  • Two types of Edge processing—Smooth and Harsh—can be shaped with Low Cut and High Cut filters and fine-tuned with individual controls
  • Mono Maker control sums bass band to mono below user-adjustable corner frequency for laser-like focus
  • Stereo Width control adjusts stereo image from mono to mile-wide stereo
  • Four fully automatable banks instantly recall alternate plugin settings for A/B/C/D comparisons

Audio Examples

Industry Reviews

  • David Arnold
    David Arnold

    There's so much specific bottom end available on this thing you'd be advised to keep a spare set of speakers around... It fills your room and anchors the bass.

  • Simon Franglen
    Simon Franglen

    The dbx120 was basically the .1 in 5.1 until we went purely digital. I've missed it. The bx_subsynth brings back a flavour unlike any other for low end. Essential.

  • Stonebridge

    My new go to weapon for low end sound design. I am amazed at the full control of all aspects in the bottom end; it really does things I didn’t think were possible and is especially useful for… Read More

  • Deniz Koyu
    Deniz Koyu

    There are a lot of plugins out there that can add upper harmonics to your signal in various ways, but being able to add subharmonics which actually sound great and natural as if they came from the… Read More

  • James Wiltshire
    James Wiltshire

    At last, a subsonic processor with the level of control needed for contemporary electronica, club and cinematic productions. Another perfectly future-retro release from Brainworx that will be… Read More

Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★★
    Great Tool for bass!!
    by Bart
    It is fantastic tool for enhance and add bass in all music. Thanks Brainworx!!!
  • ★★★★★
    by TK
    Love it. Had a project that we could not change key on due to vocal
    range restrictions. The synth bass was too thin and high in this key, and too muddy when dropped an octave. We kept the synth… Read More
  • ★★★★★
    Very nice!
    by styxxs2004
    This plugin gives you that enhanced low end without sounding boomy. It's a real help.
  • ★★★★★
    Solid Bass Enforcer
    by Green Room
    Loving the bx subsynth for dialing in low end on keyboard parts or even a secondary kick in the 50hz area. As expected from PA, really great sound and super quick results - it’s starting to show up… Read More
  • ★★★★★
    great tool for many thing!
    by teen wei
    great tool for many thing!
    i love it !


Supported Plugin Formats

Supported Operating Systems
Mac OS X 10.9 through 10.13
Windows 7 through 10
Pro Tools 10.3.10 or higher or most VST/VST3/AU-compatible hosts running on a supported operating system

Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended)

Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 instruction set (Pentium 4 compatible or higher; minimum 2 GHz recommended)

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM