Customer Reviews

  • Secret sauce for kicks and toms

    by CG
    Can be used with restraint and subtlety for realistic effects, or with reckless abandon for completely ridiculous effects. Excels at both.
  • it's really good

    by emu
    game changer tbh
    I've demoed others like lowender and loAir, looking for a good subharmonic generator. They are also great plugins, but I love the bx workflow, plugin alliance license system and extra features here. Amazing work.
  • bx_subsynth

    by Saintpid Mastering
    I got bx_subsynth pretty cheap but regret that I bought it, there are better alternatives out there. It takes forever to dial in something useable and even then I get a better result with other plugins. It's not horribly bad but it's not good either.
  • review

    by Alex Aguilar
    Great subs & easy to use!
  • Brainworx bx-subsynth

    by Vicsaund
    Brainworx bx subsynth has become interesting to me not only for the ability to manage and control low frequencies, this plugin added a good "for my taste" regulated drive! Thank developers for the possibility of using AAX DSP!^^^
  • bx Subsynth

    by Skip
    I recently purchase bx_subsynth to try and fatten up the low end of the bass and kick. It has worked perfectly. It allows me to focus the bass and kick sub-harmonics in a manner to allow them a distinction which does get in the way of each other. I have also used it on the snare to give it a little more weight. I generally record quartet, so it is important to have body and avoid sounding thin. Bx-Subsynth with a little distortion helps me accomplish a full rich sound.
  • Shivering

    by ViTheVault
    The Best Bass synth I know About... However you throw it it gets the job done
  • Get the low end you want!

    by Likes metal
    The bx_subsynth has many uses: on bass, on drums, on the overall mix. The controls allow you to both fill out the sound and keep things tight, not to mention adding depth and a good wallop where desired. Don't let the "synth" in the name fool you into thinking your tone will be degraded into something sounding fake or synthetic. The plugin has a very natural vibe to it and sounds good. If you're having trouble getting the low end you really want, put the bx_subsynth in a few key places while using the presets as a guide and have fun unleashing the power of this plugin. It easily exceeded my expectations.
  • Bx_subsynth

    by Teo
    A must have. Stop
  • bx-_subsynth

    by PH
    Usable not only for bass tools but also for the whole mix. Great.