Customer Reviews

  • Sybsynth

    by Alfredo
    Really but really good! a nive tone, very professional, what can I say? I love it, the bass is solid, you can give to your track a new life, with so much energy
  • bx_subsynth

    by John Durant
    I started using this plugin when I purchased the Mega Bundle subscription. Before trying bx_subsynth, I thought I already owned all of the necessary sub-enhancement plugins. This is the best plugin I’ve used for this purpose because you have so much more control over the details of the subs being enhanced or extended. I used this to add some bass guitar/kick low end to an old mix that was really thin below 40hz. The presets provide a lot of good options to start from, and this plugin definitely rises to the exceptional performance level I now expect from PA plugins.

    by Tyler R
    First off, I use all my Plugins from Plugin Alliance everyday. But this one in particular just does something I haven't been able to get from any other sub plugin. This thing not only allows you to detail and fine tune your kick and bass instruments, but it allows you to create low end frequencies in things that have none. I tried it on a rap vocal for a client of mine just for fun, and we both literally had a "WTF JUST HAPPENED" moment. He asks for this plugin every mix now! He says "I want that red thing!" It makes me happy to see other people happy because of the fact that I had the tools necessary to make their vision come to life and had a ton of control over the creativity! Truly an outstanding plugin! R-Bass and CLA Bass on steroids!! Cleanest low end I've ever achieved and unlimited possibilities while achieving it!
  • Secret sauce for kicks and toms

    by CG
    Can be used with restraint and subtlety for realistic effects, or with reckless abandon for completely ridiculous effects. Excels at both.
  • it's really good

    by riley
    game changer tbh
    I've demoed others like lowender and loAir, looking for a good subharmonic generator. They are also great plugins, but I love the bx workflow, plugin alliance license system and extra features here. Amazing work.
  • bx_subsynth

    by Saintpid Mastering
    I got bx_subsynth pretty cheap but regret that I bought it, there are better alternatives out there. It takes forever to dial in something useable and even then I get a better result with other plugins. It's not horribly bad but it's not good either.
  • review

    by Alex Aguilar
    Great subs & easy to use!
  • Brainworx bx-subsynth

    by Vicsaund
    Brainworx bx subsynth has become interesting to me not only for the ability to manage and control low frequencies, this plugin added a good "for my taste" regulated drive! Thank developers for the possibility of using AAX DSP!^^^
  • bx Subsynth

    by Skip
    I recently purchase bx_subsynth to try and fatten up the low end of the bass and kick. It has worked perfectly. It allows me to focus the bass and kick sub-harmonics in a manner to allow them a distinction which does get in the way of each other. I have also used it on the snare to give it a little more weight. I generally record quartet, so it is important to have body and avoid sounding thin. Bx-Subsynth with a little distortion helps me accomplish a full rich sound.
  • Shivering

    by ViTheVault
    The Best Bass synth I know About... However you throw it it gets the job done