• The fee for FOREVER 29 is $29.99/mo, charged automatically every month.
  • Cancel Anytime!
  • In return we will send you one (1) new $1 voucher code, every month!
  • With these codes you can buy ANY 1 of our PA plugins at just $1 (One Dollar!)
    (NO black list, even the latest & greatest plugins are included!)
  • This way you grow your PA Collection, one by one, and if you stop the monthly plan you keep all the plugins you have already purchased. Forever!


In addition to the monthly code for a $1 plugin you also get:

  1. Unlimited access to the critically acclaimed Brainworx Auto-Mastering App ( Mac only for now). This app will evolve into the cloud-connected BX Mastering DAW soon (Mac & PC)*
  2. Unlimited access to our PA MEGA Sample Player*
  3. Amazing samples from Native Instruments & PA!

* These 3 items are EXCLUSIVE for PA Subscribers!


All of them will be available via FOREVER 29 upon release!

  • AMEK – EQ 250
  • BRAINWORX – bx_masterdesk True Peak
  • Maor Appelbaum & Hendyamps – The Oven
  • LOOPTROTTER – Sat2Rate
  • PA – MEGA Sampler incl. NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Samples
  • SPL – PQ
  • TOMO Audiolabs – LISA
  • LINDELL 2500 Compressor

    Plus multiple NATIVE INSTRUMENTS & IZOTOPE products coming to FOREVER 29 soon. Stay tuned!



  1. Start a FOREVER 29 monthly plan
  2. Right after you pay you'll get a $1 code via email
  3. Select ANY of our PA plugins and "add to cart"
  4. Use the $1 code during checkout, and pay... $1!
  5. Wait patiently for 1 month... we will charge you with $29.99 again... and send you another $1 code right away!
  6. Repeat as often as you want to!



  • You get the latest & greatest releases and all your favourite plugins, at a guaranteed $29.99 plus $1.
  • Build a PA Collection, and when you cancel the plan you keep EVERYTHING you have selected, forever!
  • You also get the BX STYLE CREATOR APP & the new (upcoming) PA MEGA SAMPLER for as long as you keep your monthly plan active.



  • We generate reliable, steady revenue from your monthly plan.
  • We generate more revenue with newer plugins earlier.


Overall, that's what we call a true Win / Win!
Thank you for supporting us, and enjoy your new FOREVER 29 plan.


FAQs - Questions and Answers

  • Do you offer an annual plan for FOREVER 29?
    No. FOREVER 29 is a monthly plan exclusively.
  • Can I unsubscribe and re-subscribe?
    Yes, anytime!
  • If I don't use a voucher in one month, can I store it and use it later?
    Yes, of course.
  • This deal is insane. Can I have two or more plans at the same time to grow my PA collection faster?
    Absolutely! Start two FOREVER 29 plans and get 2 codes every month.
  • Can I donate or sell my $1 voucher to a friend, or on the internet?
    You do whatever you want with the $1 code, it's yours! Yes, you can sell it. 



FOREVER 29 is the UNIQUE subscription for people who REALLY don't like subscriptions! Get the BEST price right away, simply for supporting us. You want to OWN your plugins? Then THIS is for you!

You have a large selection of PA plugins already and would rather add a few individual plugins over the next few months, instead of renting the mighty MEGA Bundle? Or you want to start a PA Collection, but you'd like to explore each new plugin step-by-step?

Are you tired of waiting for 2-3 years until our latest & greatest releases finally go on sale for the price that you want to pay? Do we have news for you!


Bundle Products

    • Brainworx
    • BX Style Creator Mastering
    • Revolutionary Mastering Desktop-Application, available via MEGA, MIX&MASTER and FOREVER 29 subscriptions. Master complete albums in minutes! Computer-assisted Mastering just got real.
    • Plugin Alliance
    • MEGA Sampler
    • With an ever-growing sample library, easily navigate and find the perfect sounds for your productions

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Happy
    Can't complain about this deal. Any plugin you could ever want at a guaranteed price of $29.99+$1 every month. It almost feels like having control over discounts right in your hands.
    I couldn't… Read More
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you! The new PA MEGA Sample Player will be out in just a few days (in June 2022), so please stay tuned!
  • Good value

    by MS
    What a great program for selling the latest and greatest for a good price, and with a permanent license (so archived products will still work five years down the road). Since its monthly, I… Read More
  • PA Forever!!

    by Yael Hidalgo
    I love this option to buy plugins especially the new releases, PA in my opinion is always one or two steps ahead of other companies
  • Forever $29

    by maxelicious
    Great for new customers!
  • ❤️

    by Mishaja Cut


Supported Plugin Formats


With the Installation Manager you can select, download & install all the Plugin Alliance products. Select any and all formats you need for your system! Mac & PC.