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Like all our products you can install the BX Style Creator and test it FREE for 14 days. Please just download and install using the Installation Manager.

This is brand-new technology by BX, and it works differently than any other mastering application you have used. We highly recommend you read the manual! 
Please find the latest version of our online manual HERE!

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an assistant that would listen to all your mixes and bring them up on your mastering desk in a way that already sounds great… only for you to be able to add a few final touches and tweaks and make the master “yours”?

And wouldn’t it be even greater if you could have that assistant prepare a whole bunch of tracks at the same time? Maybe for an album mastering or for a compilation of different artists, and even different genres -  in one go!

Finally, wouldn't it be amazing if that assistant was fast like a race car, and using only the best-sounding pieces of gear for each job? We admit, that assistant is hard to find in the real world... but BX let their creative brains run wild for the last 2 years!

Introducing Style Creator V0.8.8, Brainworx’ new CGM (Computer-Guided Mastering) technology. Fully adjustable, computer-assisted batch processing!

The Style Creator app carries its name because it was originally built to serve as an internal app for BX only. The idea was to have a desktop application that could be used to create various popular styles, inspired by famous mastering engineers. These styles will be used by the new www.mastering.studio web services as well, which is currently in public beta!

Dirk Ulrich actually used the same Style Creator app that you can download today to work with some of the best mastering engineers in the business over the last 18 months. In fact he visited some of them in their amazing studios and created the default styles of this BX app for you to use as a starting point and guidance.  

Style Creator features award-winning Brainworx algorithms, patented TMT & proprietary Brainworx M/S technology, paired with newly developed algorithmic mastering technology. Finally, an automated and computer-assisted mastering that sounds natural and great - while being faster than anything out there!

Stye Creator comes loaded with the 8 core styles you can find on mastering.studio, and you can use these styles as the foundation for your own unlimited styles which you can save and recall for any genre, artist, album, or even per song!

V0.8.8 is missing some key features that V1.0 very soon will have (pls stay tuned!), like real-time tweaking during audio playback, selectable output formats, or even a PC version (coming!).

V1.0 will also feature audio editing & more, and Brainworx is fully committed to developing a complete PRO mastering solution going forward, to be fully tweakable and controllable by experienced mastering engineers. At the same time, this app can be used to educate beginners about what mastering can sound like, it can serve as an automated second pair of ears for mixing engineers, and it can be a simple and cost-effective solution for amateurs to master a bunch of tracks and beats every day.

1. Load a few mixes
    (BX tested up to 1,056 songs in one go!)

2. Select your favorite style

3. Bounce a bunch of masters and listen!

It’s as EASY & FAST as that! Repeat a few times with various default styles or create your own styles. You will enjoy listening to a number of masters that all sound slightly different in no time, and they should all SOUND GREAT!

The Brainworx Style Creator V0.8.8 app will be replaced by a V1.0 of our new Mastering Audio Workstation soon. MAC & PC versions are in the making.

We hope you enjoy working with the first Brainworx desktop application as much as we enjoyed developing it. Turn it up!


  • Computer-assisted mastering that sounds natural and great
  • The Stye Creator app comes loaded with 8 core styles inspired by the work of famous mastering engineers around the globe
  • Master single tracks or whole albums and compilations within seconds!
  • Tweak our built-in mastering styles or create your own styles from scratch
  • The Style Creator app is built using award-winning Brainworx algorithms and technologies like patented TMT (US Patent No. 10,725,727), M/S, and new BX algorithmic mastering methods.

Audio Examples

Customer Reviews

  • game changer

    by Til
    This piece of software is so strong it sometimes frightens me a little to be honest. I am writing lots of music, recording demos, producing full mixes, presenting many tracks to clients and people in… Read More
  • Holy sh*t! Ya gotta try this!

    by Gorp
    I understand this is a Beta version and a little clunky with the render/adjustments going back and forth, but its potential is in the results! I was skeptical, and then blown away. I spend a lot of… Read More
  • Brainworx CGM

    by Mitt
    Wow! This software is incredible. After a couple of weeks working with this product, I can say the results were far better than any other mastering software ( such as Lurssen and Ozone ) I… Read More
  • BX Fast and Loud!

    by Alex
    Usually I default to Ozone 9 when mastering for clients.
    I had a request (as we sometimes do!) for a super loud mix on a fairly 'consistent dynamic' (no major peaks and troughs)… Read More
  • You won't believe the speed and quality!

    by Guy With Ears
    This application has to be tried to be believed. Master an album in 3 or 4 styles in less than 3 minutes.. and then it does sound pro? Just wow!


Supported Plugin Formats
AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3

This is a MAC Desktop Application, not a plugin!
PC Version coming soon. PC Users can use the web site version for now.

Please download the "Brainworx Style Creator" via the PA Installation Manger (see below). Style Creator will be installed in the Application folder on your Mac. From there simply start it as a stand-alone desktop application on your Macbook or Apple Desktop Computer like any other software.

Online Manual & Instructions:  please click here!


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BX Style Creator Mastering

Brainworx BX Style Creator - Changelog

Version 0.8.8 (Jan 14, 2022)
- fixed a bug in default style initialization
- changed color

Version 0.8.7 (Aug 27, 2021)
- Technology Preview