People love the Boss MT-2™ for its burl and versatility as one of the industry’s standard guitar stomp pedals. Armed with an onboard EQ, this pedal offers precise control with over-the top distortion when you need it. From Black Sabbath to Santana to Sublime, players have all found a place for it as an indispensable link in their guitar’s signal chain.

Now, Brainworx has put all that versatile tone into the bx_metal2 plugin. One of the most loved stomp boxes is now conveniently available as an addition to your digital pedal board. Produce searing leads by boosting the high end and cutting the lows, or melt faces with +15 dB of low boost for heavy metal barbarism. As with many Brainworx guitar emulations, workflow has been improved beyond the hardware by rearranging the controls into a more convenient and straightforward interface. Simply set gain and distortion level, then EQ to taste.

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Legal Disclaimer: Boss MT-2 is a registered trademark of Roland Inc. The bx_metal2 was developed by Brainworx based on its own modeling techniques. Roland has not endorsed nor sponsored the bx_metal2 in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.


  • Onboard three band EQ with semi-parametric Mid control
  • Independent Level and Distortion controls
  • Mono or Stereo operation
  • Light CPU load, AAX DSP support
  • Faithful re-creation of the Boss MT-2
  • Provides super-long sustain and heavy mids and lows like a stack of overdriven amps
  • Plugin version has all the tone, but not all the noise, of the original
  • Plugin does things the pedal can’t, like automation and stereo buss processing

Audio Examples

Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★★
    Great plugin!!
    by Meiyas
    I'm surprised the quality and how good all the Brainworx plugins sound, great work Plugin alliance!!! All your products are top of the line. Definitely my favorite plugins!!!
  • ★★★★★
    by Dave Steadman
    I bought this to add to my guitar arsenal which has yet to be with.
    However, for some reason I was struck with the thought of throwing it on the mix bus.
    I decided to boost the… Read More
  • ★★★★★
    by ED
    I love this plugin. :D
  • ★★★★★
    I'm not a metal fan but...
    by Faland
    Really, I tried this one just for curiosity, and it blows me away...
    It is hand down the best, if not the only, metal stomp I use since.
    Great for singing solos, especially matched with a… Read More
  • ★★★★★
    Does EXACTLY what it claims
    by TracksMix
    The best Metal GTR plugin, its my go to fix for weak stems


Supported Plugin Formats

Mac OS X 10.8 through 10.11
Windows 7 through 10
Pro Tools 10.3.10 or higher or any VST/VST3/AU-compatible host running on a supported operating system


The . Mac installers for all PA plugins have been temporarily removed while we address a technical issue that popped up recently. They will be back soon, but in the meantime, please use the Installation Manager below to install your PA plugins. If you’d like more information on this issue, you can check the FAQ on the Support page.