Customer Reviews

  • game changer

    by Til
    This piece of software is so strong it sometimes frightens me a little to be honest. I am writing lots of music, recording demos, producing full mixes, presenting many tracks to clients and people in all kinds of situations.
    For any purpose this tool is a swiss army knife - if you get to know how it works.
    At first I didn't want to believe that the tracks just work for the audience... I trust this BX style creator every day a little more now because everything is getting the right style, depth and vibe.
    I am super excited about any further developments that you will do to it. One cool feature would be an automatic for-sure-no-bass-distortion-button, that you can switch on and don't have to hustle around with the input knob.
    You changed my workflow a lot, thanks for that, Dirk & team!
  • Holy sh*t! Ya gotta try this!

    by Gorp
    I understand this is a Beta version and a little clunky with the render/adjustments going back and forth, but its potential is in the results! I was skeptical, and then blown away. I spend a lot of time on my mixes and have recently been very happy with them (thanks to PA!). But this App is a game changer period! It's made my final mixes sound like polished kick ass mixes, and what I thought were my really good mixes sound like demos. For the last few days I go back and compare, thinking this can't really be that good, waiting for the reality that the shiny new toy is tarnished, but my original mixes (although still pretty good), now sound flat and unexciting compared to Style Creator mixes. I will say that so far, I'm not a fan of the Miami and sadly the LA style presets. I greatly prefer London and Remaster presets. But my songs are NOT EDM or heavy rock. However I'm confident with time and learning what does what, that might change. BTW- Read the manual! It's concise and very helpful. Bravo to Brainworks!!!
  • Brainworx CGM

    by Mitt
    Wow! This software is incredible. After a couple of weeks working with this product, I can say the results were far better than any other mastering software ( such as Lurssen and Ozone ) I have used. I found myself gravitating to the London Smooth on newer tracks and the Remasters for previously mastered pieces.
    Although the basic settings for each style sound great out of the box, I look forward to the completion of this software to able to tweak the parameters in realtime.
    I am a big fan and subscriber to Plugin Alliance and this certainly did not disappoint.
  • BX Fast and Loud!

    by Alex
    Usually I default to Ozone 9 when mastering for clients.
    I had a request (as we sometimes do!) for a super loud mix on a fairly 'consistent dynamic' (no major peaks and troughs) rock tune and tried out this new bit of tech. LA Standard was too much (distorted to be honest) so switched to London smooth. What a result! Spatially as well as dynamically it excelled in not squashing the track further, and rather than the usual desired 'glue' often discussed, it leaned more towards giving every element its own bit of space.
    Has its own personality just as a real mastering engineer would but if you want a quick and effortless result, try it out!
    Best '2 minute master' solution out there by far!
  • You won't believe the speed and quality!

    by Guy With Ears
    This application has to be tried to be believed. Master an album in 3 or 4 styles in less than 3 minutes.. and then it does sound pro? Just wow!