BT is a Grammy-Nominated film composer, technologist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. He is credited as a pioneer of the Trance and IDM genres.

BT has written, produced for Death Cab for Cutie, Peter Gabriel, Howard Jones, Tiesto. Depeche Mode, Armin Van Buuren, Sting, NSYNC, Blake Lewis, The Roots, Madonna, Britney Spears and more.

He has created a slew of widely adopted plugins that are heard on the radio and in films every day. Stutter Edit has been used in Star Wars, Stranger Things and #1 Country records. His latest plugins Phobos and BreakTweaker can be heard in innumerable feature films and productions.

BT is a classically trained symphonic composer, arranger and orchestrator. He has composed full score for films such as the Oscar winning Monster starring Charlize Theron, The Fast and the Furious, Solace starring Anthony Hopkins and the critically acclaimed Amazon television show Electric Dreams.

Product Reviews

  • Brainworx bx_masterdesk

    bx_Masterdesk is one of my absolute top go-to “colorful” compressors. The ability to add slight color with incredible compression and regulate stereo width simultaneously makes it a formidable weapon in every producers ultimate battle - time! It’s a total winner, highly recommended!

  • Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint

    Bass-Mint is an epic solution to an age-old problem - how do I get more consistent and punchy bass and sub information in my kicks and basslines? Bass-Mint is the glue to bind this difficult part of the frequency spectrum. It’s replaced VOG and Bark of the Dog as my go-to bass enhancement and management tool.

  • NEOLD U17

    As someone that adores and uses outboard hardware regularly from vintage pieces to modern ones - I’m completely blown away by the nuance, character, depth, and warmth of NEOLD U17. This is a remarkable plug-in capable of subtle compression transformations, all the way through to parallel, in-your-face super punch attitude. What impresses the most, is it's a plugin. It behaves remarkably like outboard gear and is highly responsive to input signal and characteristics. A total winner. Will be using this non-stop. Way to go Plugin Alliance!

  • DS Audio Thorn

    Synth is fantastic - one of the best arp’s I’ve ever used in a soft synth. Cuts in a mix, really hitting all the notes you want from a clean, elegant, modern soft synth. I love it.

  • PA Unfiltered Audio Bundle monthly

    Unfiltered Audio is a kind of industry secret for the cool kids in need of FSU mayhem. Their plugins are extremely deep and elegant and allow you to go places in the software domain, typically only achievable on modern modular synthesizers. Phenomenal plugins.

  • Unfiltered Audio LION

    Lion is a remarkable achievement in soft synths. A truly new paradigm. There are familiar tools with an exotic and inspiring workflow. Less software and much more like having patch cables around your neck and a couple of hundred modules. LION is a fresh and inspiring new instrument with a remarkably intuitive interface and best in class DSP. A must-have.