Grammy-Nominated mixer Jesse Ray became known as Kanye West’s engineer on the “Yandhi” and “Jesus is King” albums, and that lead to mixing for artists including UMI, Andy Grammer, and Burna Boy. Most recently, Jesse worked creatively alongside Diddy and Timbaland during the mixing of Burna Boy’s 2020 LP, “Twice as Tall”. Jesse’s bombastic approach to mixing creates an explosive four-dimensional soundscape and yields a wild variety of sonically-emotional results.

Product Reviews

  • Dear Reality dearVR MONITOR

    You nailed a solution for this elusive territory. As a user, I felt completely immersed in the presence of each of the different sound field simulations. 

    The details of these spaces are profound; the phasing, response, and distortion of each rig really nail the elusive feel and value of working in different acoustic environments. I find the various decay times to be incredibly helpful when dialing in the depth, bounce, and decay in the low end of my mixes. MONITOR helps me sculpt the low end in a way that will hit effectively in a dead-sounding studio but will retain clarity as well in a spacious club or auditorium. In addition to using this as a monitoring tool, MONITOR has also become my favorite new reverb plugin for drum rooms!

  • Lindell Audio 50 Series

    Rich.. detailed.. This is the definitive API channel strip. Many emulations have attempted to capture the essence of those vintage filter curves, but they always missed the mark with the non-linearities. I have always preferred the sound of API over other classic consoles because of the soft silky structure of the midrange harmonic content, and this plugin nails it!

  • Brainworx bx_console AMEK 9099

    The bx_console AMEK 9099 is bound to excite both technical and creative users because it features extreme flexibility with tight narrow filters and precise sidechaining options, and the "Ambience" mode is an extremely cool way to creatively shape your drums for an entirely new explosive sound. The AMEK 9099 boasts the most flexibility of any console channel strip. EVER. I'd feel limited going back to any other console channel strip now.