Matt was born and raised in LA. During high school he started interning in a studio after recording a demo there with his band. He went to Berklee College of Music where he did a dual major in film scoring/music production and engineering. He moved back to LA in 2012 and started working his way up through the studio system at Interscope Records. He cut his teeth working as mixing assistant for MixedByAli doing hybrid analog/digital mixes and engineering sessions for various Interscope and Universal Music Group‘s artists. Currently Matt is working full-time with Kendrick Lamar. When he has some extra time he also mixes for artists like Bakar.


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Product Reviews

  • Bettermaker EQ232D

    The Bettermaker EQ232D is the Pultec of the 21st Century.

  • AMEK EQ 200

    I've been trying the AMEK EQ 200 out on drums and mix bus for a couple weeks now. It sounds great and is loaded with features. I love the added hi/lo pass filters. Although the EQ sounds great, the extra features are what really take it to the next level as a master bus processor. You have i/o metering with clip indicators, a phase correlation meter, and +/- 15 dB i/o gain control. You have a gain scale control to tone down or exaggerate your settings, you can switch to mid side EQ, add distortion, stereo widener, and my favorite for drum overheads/rooms - the mono maker. The TMT option is a great addition to add subtle differences to each or your channels the way an analog console would.