Tory G. is a self-taught mix/master engineer - born and raised in Denver, Colorado. His interest in music from an early age, has had him in love with production, but even more so with Mixing. Working from his home studio, he has become a go-to engineer for up-coming artists such as DJ Zenas, Kidd Dripp, Rooftop York, KAI SNO and others.


Tory G. Mixed with MEGA - Aleckson

Hip-Hop mixing engineer Tory G. produces and mixes ‘Ride Slow’ by Aleckson. Learn how Tory made the track sound bigger, and how he used the new bx_crispytuner.

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Product Reviews

  • Brainworx bx_crispytuner

    The bx_crispytuner and bx_crispyscale offer a pro-level pitch correction suite that is hard to find. Not only can you achieve quick results, but it makes things sound phenomenal! I was really surprised at how naturally and nicely pitched I can make vocals sound! I really like digging in into advanced and graphical mode as the workflow and simplicity are easy to understand. Most of all, I really enjoy using the formant controls to get some cool monstrous vocals or even some super small chipmunk tones for creative applications! Well done Brainworx team!!