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Hip-Hop mixing engineer Tory G. mixes the session ‘Ride Slow’ by Aleckson. Learn how Tory used the new bx_crispytuner for creating on-point backing vocals from scratch. 

The Song

‘Ride Slow’ is a song about being caught up in an intimate moment that moves forward into exploring the emotional highs of warm connection between partners. The descriptive lyrics and smooth vocal performance of Aleckson pull listeners into their own imaginations of erotic moments. 'Ride Slow' is sure to set the mood!

About the Mixing Engineer

Tory G. is a self-taught mix/master engineer - born and raised in Denver, Colorado. His interest in music from an early age has had him in love with production, but even more so with mixing. Working from his home studio, he has become a go-to engineer for upcoming artists such as DJ Zenas, Kidd Dripp, Rooftop York, KAI SNO, and others.

About the Artist

Canadian-born, American-raised recording artist Aleckson Moussounda-Goma is not confined to one style of music but many. Growing up around the world has introduced him to various cultures and sounds which he incorporates in his music to make sure no two songs sound the same. Aleckson’s biggest qualities are his lyrics and creativity but he strives to constantly improve every record. Although his biggest enemy is himself, Aleckson channels the pain that came from people clowning his music as fuel to go above and beyond. This is only the beginning...

The Session

How do you work with minimal options? Like in some situations, the multitrack to the instrumental was lost! However, the two-track was good enough quality to move forward with the project. With some skill and creativity, the instrumental came out better than the original mixed two-track! The vocals were recorded using an AT2020, a staple microphone for beginners straight into the session. Pairing the AT2020 with the new bx_crispytuner brought the vocals in very tightly and sounds amazing!

Not a lot of tracks on this one! The real challenge was getting the session to sound bigger than it actually is. So have fun and get creative!

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Raw Tracks

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