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Suhr SE100

The Suhr SE100 guitar amp plugin sounds great when playing the blues with a guitar and computer. It's a faithful emulation of the Suhr SE100’s 68 plexi transformers and EL34-powered output section, doing justice to John Suhr’s classic design and producing the Suhr SE100's iconic and irresistible sound straight out of your DAW.

This is the perfect blues guitar amp plugin for anyone who wants studio quality guitar recordings or jam sessions at home. This guitar amp is highly versatile making it a great choice for Rock, Pop and Country musicians too. The Suhr SE100 Amp captures professional guitar tone through 120 impulse responses from boutique cabinets, vintage mics, high-end consoles, pedals, and outboard gear.

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Friedman Buxom Betty

Modeled on the single-channel amp that delivers the dynamic shimmer of American vintage tube combos as well as the comely roar of classic British stacks.

This amp is perfect for anyone looking for a versatile guitar plugin that creates a warm rich analog sound, allowing you to easily shift from medium gain tones to snarling overdrive textures just by adjusting your guitar's volume control.

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WEDGE FORCE Oolong acoustic guitar synth

Authentic acoustic guitar tone for your midi keyboard. The WEDGE FORCE Oolong is an innovative musical instrument plugin that offers the studio sound of recorded acoustic guitar in a very special way.

Use your keyboard to play realistic and expressive guitar parts. The acoustic guitar on the Oolong is synthesized (not sampled) allowing you to change your plucking position (in real-time) by moving the MOD wheel controller on your MIDI keyboard and giving you control over DI Studio-MIC, Ambient-MIC signals. This allows you to achieve the perfect tone for your song.

Unlike sampled guitar, the harmonic resonances of the guitar strings are different for every group of notes you play. The WEDGE FORCE Oolong plugin is built with proprietary “Synthetic Force Engine III”, extracting the timbre from studio sampled waveforms and then synthesizes each note in real time.

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Diezel Herbert

Looking for one of the best guitar plugins for Rock and Metal? - Look no further. The all-tube head in the Diezel Herbert amp is loved for the its rich, clean sound but worshiped for its distorted sound.

This is one of the best guitar amp plugins for metal guitarists who want note clarity and responsiveness even with thick heavy distortion. This plugin is exactingly modeling the amp used by Brian Welch (Korn) Jim Root and Mick Thomson (Slipknot) Richie, Sambora, John Fogerty, Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) Jeordie White (Nine Inch Nails) and so many more.

The metal sound of this plugin was created with 120 Brainworx recording chains in Brainworx studio on the legendary Neve VXS 72 console, making this the perfect guitar amp plugin for metal heads looking to create studio quality recordings.

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Ampeg SVT-3PRO

Modeled on the Ampeg SVT-3PRO, favored by legend Bootsy Collins, as well as Metallica and Primus. This plugin offers a great rock or funk sound in your bass recordings. This bass plugin is fully endorsed by Ampeg.

The studio quality sound in this bass plugin was achieved through 27 different high-end recording chains that feature a world-class selection of mics, cabinets and outboard gear, recorded through a Neve VXS 72.

Feature highlights include an FX rack which includes professional noise gate, Power Soak, and switchable filter controls.

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Fuchs Train II

The Fuchs Train II is widely known for its harmonically rich, clean and crunch tones. This is a great amp plugin for guitarists trying to capture that analog, bluesy, sound.

This exacting emulation of the original Trainwreck-inspired Fuchs Train II is a great choice for guitarists who want a plugin that captures those Classic Trainwreck guitar sounds - favored by the likes of Mark Knopfler, Brad Paisley, and Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen.

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ENGL Savage 120

The ENGL Savage 120 is another outstanding guitar plugin for lovers of Metal and Thrash Metal guitar that also sounds great on tracks from all genres. An exacting model of the ENGL Savage 120 amp which is a favorite of Gary Holt (Exodus) and Troy McLawhorn (Evanescene).

Brainworx engineers recreated every feature and unique property of this amp with component-level modeling and then added their flagship FX Rack which provides extremely useful onboard effects like a noise gate, lo-fi delay, filtering, and internal power soak. The modeled 4 channel head in this amp plugin makes it another flexible option for jamming and recording straight out of your DAW. 

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Gallien Krueger 800RB

Based on the bass amp used by many legends from Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Guns N’ Roses, Green Day, No Doubt, and many more. This officially approved Gallien Krueger bass amp plugin is one of the best bass amp plugins out there for recording and jamming.

A great amp for Rock, Metal, and Pop bassists. This bass plugin perfectly models the original amps Bi-amp design with adjustable crossover offering exceptional control of high and low frequencies.

The Gallien Krueger plugin includes two separate master volume controls for both 100W and 300W power amp models, and four active EQ bands for precise tonal sculpting.

Gallien Krueger 800RB Product Page


This guitar plugin is modeled on the Orange Rockerverb one of the most loved professional guitar amps off all time. This guitar amp plugin painstakingly recreates the sound of an amp used by Slash, Daft Punk, Slipknot, and the Smashing Pumpkins.

The reason why this is one of the best guitar plugins out there is down to Brainxworx’s painstaking component modeling in which the sound of EL34 tubes in the power section,and four 12AX7 tubes, in the preamp section, of the original amp are faithfully recreated in the plugin.

This is a fantastic guitar amp for jamming and recording, especially if you want to create a Slash inspired guitar sound with a plugin.

bx_rockergain100 Product Page

Chandler GAV19T

This guitar amp plugin creates the sound of the Chandler GAV19T amp famously played by Joshua Homme, Blues Saraceno, and Brad Delson (Linkin Park). This makes it a great amp plugin for guitarists looking to create that Queens of the Stone Age sound, or who want a guitar plugin inspired by the classic British amps like Selmer, Vox and Marshall which are commonly associated with legendary bands like Queen, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead.

This amp plugin creates a tube-driven analog sound through 75 impulse responses with multiple speaker cabinets recorded in the Brainworx Studio. It also features Treble Boost, Full Range, Aggressive, and Mids with a boost amount to dial in just the amount of the selected frequency range desired.

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No guitar plugin comes closer to creating the sound of the legendary Mesa Boogie’s Dual Rectifier® in your DAW. The amp plugin is modeled on one of the most popular tube amp heads in the world. The Brainworx bx-megual is a guitar plugin that faithfully recreates the sound of a legendary amp used by Dave Grohl and Kirk Hammet. If you want your guitar recordings to sound like the Foo Fighters and Metallica, this is a great choice.

bx_megadual Product Page

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Disclaimer: Mesa, Mesa Boogie and Dual Rectifier are registered trademarks of Mesa Engineering, Inc. bx_megadual guitar plugin was developed by Brainworx Audio GmbH based on its own modeling techniques. Mesa Engineering has not endorsed nor sponsored the bx_megadual amp plugin in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.