The Lindell Audio MBC just came out. This is a fantastic plugin for anyone looking for that legendary API 2500 sound in a multiband compressor. Transparent, assertive, smooth and punchy. This VCA compressor sounds great on the mix bus, drums, vocals, bass, and any source that demands aggressive compression without compromising on tone.

Check out this video for Justin Colletti’s deep dive on the Lindell Audio MBC: find out all about the value of using multiband compression in music production and what makes the MBC so special.

From February 16, 2023, anyone who buys the Lindell Audio SBC will get the Lindell MBC for Free. Even sweeter, the Lindell SBC is currently on offer for $29.99, meaning you can grab the Lindell Audio SBC for just $29.99 and get the brand new MBC for FREE!

Anyone who owns the Lindell Audio SBC qualifies for a FREE lifetime license of the MBC. Just log into your Plugin Alliance account with the SBC license, go to the plugin alliance product page for the Lindell MBC, and add it to your cart. It will automatically be discounted to 0 dollars. Make sure you do this before February 16, 2023!