Lindell Audio SBC – experience legendary buss compression!
A faithful emulation of the classic analog buss compressor, with added features such as NUKE hyper-compression and THD®. The initial release consists of a thorough emulation of the wide and punchy stereo version and an even more versatile multi-band version which will arrive soon as a FREE upgrade.

Smooth, punchy glue from a compressor that was born to rock
The original American hardware compressor is one of the most popular stereo buss compressors of all time, and for a good reason. Transparent yet assertive, smooth yet punchy, it’s a perennial favorite on drums, mix bus, vocals, and any source that demands aggressive compression without compromises. The SBC plugin from Lindell Audio emulates this legendary classic with masterful precision and clarity, adding new features that can only be found in the digital domain.

An industry standard for the mix bus, with extra versatility
This style of VCA compressor is easily one of the top two choices for analog Mix Buss compression in modern music production—right alongside the very best buss compressors from SSL. Like the original hardware, Lindell’s SBC (Stereo Buss Compressor) plugin offers tremendous tone and flexibility, and includes a series of carefully curated filters and knee options that make it a perfect choice for adding that last bit of extra “glue” and polish to the entire mix.

Marvelous on drum busses and more
The SBC shines on more than just mix buss material. This compressor is an absolute MUST on live drum busses, particularly in rock and metal genres, where it provides a tight, punchy, warm and “in-your-face” sound. Try Lindell’s added “NUKE” feature for extra crush on snare drum and room tracks, and don’t neglect this compressor whenever heavy-but-clean compression is needed on vocals and more.

Unique filters to custom-tailor your compression
The original compressors included a couple of seemingly subtle features that played an outsized role in its success. A special sidechain filter circuit applies a low cut and a high boost to the compressor’s detector circuit, ensuring it will respond to the most important parts of the mix, which so many other compressors ignore. A “feedforward” and “feedback” option allow for more modern or vintage style operation, while a variable stereo link control lets mixers decide exactly how much the left and right channels should interact with each other.

The sound of modern Rock, in the box
While the SBC will shine on any genre, it’s a must-have tool for rock mixers looking to add some upfront and aggressive character to their main mix, subgroups and select individual tracks.This is the sound you’ve heard on countless of your favorite modern rock releases for the past two decades. It is the analog buss compressor for the 21st century, now 100% ITB.


Legal Disclaimer: The Lindell SBC plugin was developed by Lindell Audio using their own modeling techniques, studying original products from API®. The names 500-series, API, 2500 are trademarks of Automated Processes, Inc. which is unaffiliated with Lindell Audio. Automated Processes, Inc. has not licensed any intellectual property for use in the Lindell SBC, nor have they endorsed or supported the SBC in any manner.


  • Inspired by the legendary API® 2500 compressor
  • Unique filter section provides the option of low cut and high boost for precisely targeted compression
  • Variable link between left and right channels
  • Select older "feed back" or more modern "feed forward" compression
  • Added “NUKE” option for even more aggressive compression
  • Selectable ratio, attack and release times
  • Soft, medium or hard knee for gentler or sharper compression tones
  • Auto and manual gain make up

Audio Examples

Industry Reviews

  • Patrick Carinci

    Patrick Carinci

    Mix & mastering engineer (Shiva, Capo Plaza, Vegas Jones)

    I'm a ITB guy, and one of the only pieces of gear that I really enjoyed using it hardware was the API 2500, so big and punchy.

    I tried various kinds of emulations and some had the right… Read More

  • Joe Carrell

    Joe Carrell

    Mix / Recording Engineer

    I've been waiting for this one! That signature aggressive sound with the flexibility of the Thrust circuit makes this piece a standout. Don't sleep on the differences between the feed-back versus… Read More

  • Brian Malouf

    Brian Malouf

    Producer and Mixer (Michael Jackson, Queen, Madonna, Pearl Jam, Stevie Wonder)

    The real test for me with any API circuit is how it behaves with transients, and in particular, Kick and Snare drums. With any new version of a classic piece, especially a piece that has already… Read More

  • Christian Martucci

    Christian Martucci

    Audio engineer, producer, guitarist (Stone Sour)

    The Lindell Audio SBC delivers all you’d expect from this classic with accuracy and conviction. The NUKE feature on a parallel drum bus takes things to a whole new level, while more traditional… Read More

  • Joost van den Broek

    Joost van den Broek

    Producer, Arranger & Mixer (Blind Guardian, Powerwolf, Ayreon)

    The cool thing about this plugin is that it goes further than the traditional hardware can do, especially the parallel mix and nuke functions are great, this makes it much wider deployable and… Read More

Customer Reviews

  • On the next master!

    by Josh M
    This is gonna be a favorite. Heard great things about the API 2500 for both mixing and as a mastering comp. On the master, it seems as warm as the Shadow Hills Red (and possibly warmer?!) but… Read More
  • Magic on drums!

    by Alfred
    Wow, what a sound on drums! At last a compressor that handles the John Bonham sound as it was on the records! I love this compressor, a lot of possibilities and easy to use!
  • Fantastic API 2500 compressor

    by James
    This is one of my favourite API 2500 comps out there right now. I especially love some of the added features such as the “Nuke” button. Makes my parallel drum compression bus sound amazingly… Read More
  • Amazing sound

    by Ryan Richko
    I got to say, this is a great emulation of one of my favorite compressors. I own the hardware Api 2500+, and this plugin is VERY close to the unit. The hardware has the classic 5% better due to… Read More
  • API like Compressor

    by BluelagoonStudios
    Right off the bat, this plugin looks amazing, and has the typical sound of the API buss compressor, now I have 4 or 5 buss compressors, each with their special flavor, thank you very much PA.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you and enjoy your new tool!


Supported Plugin Formats
AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 12 down to macOS 10.11
Windows 11 down to Windows 8

Intel, or Apple Silicon (except for AAX) architecture

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM


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Lindell SBC 2500 Compressor - Changelog

Version 1.0.1 (Jul 14, 2022)
- Added 24 presets
- Fixed DAW Bypass click
- Fixed default reported latency
- Fixed issue when a preset load changes the UI Zoom
- Fixed AAX Preset folder name (Windows)

Version 1.0.0 (Jun 23, 2022)
- Release version