It's always nice to have different options. Plugin Alliance offers you a variety of incredible channel strip consoles from companies like SSL, Focusrite, Brainworx and Lindell.

But which console is the best choice for your mix? Each console has its signature sound, and they are all great in different ways. For example, the SSL consoles are loved for its punchy midrange. If you are longing for a shiny top end and a fluffy 70's vintage character, the Lindell 80 Series is your go-to console, while the Neve VXS console plugin sounds darker, tighter, and above all pronounced. 

Depending on what you are going for, Plugin Alliance offers many different solutions, with channel strips to help you shape the sound the way you imagine it. 

Learn about each channel strips unique characteristics from the Plugin Alliance portfolio, as producer Joe Carrell compares all the different models with matched settings so you can easily spot the differences.

Watch Joe compare the consoles on YouTube: