From his recording studio in Tennessee, Joe Carrell reveals everything you need to know about the brand-new NEOLD U17 vintage compressor. Learn about the rare components that are the key to the plugin's unique, vintage sound, and the new features that make the U17 a potent plugin for modern music production.

In the video below, Carrell breaks down all the key features on the GUI of the U17, including its clipper and sidechain sections. Hear examples from the plugin’s extensive list of presets in action on drums, guitar, and vocals, and Joe’s own mixing tips on getting the best out of this great new vintage compressor.


Try the NEOLD U17 for yourself
The brand-new NEOLD U17 is available to buy now. It is now included in the MEGA Bundle, MIX & MASTER Bundle at no extra cost, and the Plugin Alliance 14-day free trial.