The world-renowned mastering engineer talks about THE OVEN plugin with Justin Colletti. The analog OVEN is the product of a collaboration between Maor Appelbaum Mastering and Chris Henderson of Hendyamps. Highly praised for its sound, usability, and versatility: THE OVEN can be used in many ways, including as a Colorbox, EQ, or Saturator.

Maor gives you the creator's perspective on one of the most loved and talked about pieces of analog hardware in years. Find out why THE OVEN breaks new ground in terms of usability and the way we think about mixing and mastering.

Learn all about Maor’s logic behind the cooking terminology on THE OVEN and how it feeds into his philosophy of creating world-class mixing and mastering gear that anyone can use. And of course, hear all about Maor’s collaboration with Brainworx on THE OVEN plugin. 

THE OVEN plugin is now included in all PA MEGA Bundles and available to buy.