Latin Grammy winner, Maria Elisa Ayerbe has received multiple Grammy nominations and worked with many major artists including Mary J Blige, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony and J.Lo, making her the perfect pro to give a masterclass on EQing Latin Pop with the track Cenizas from Lucy Vives and the brand-new Kirchhoff-EQ.

Watch how one of the best sound engineers in the business uses the feature-rich Kirchhoff-EQ to create unique EQ curves that add space for the bass, synth and Lucy’s stunning vocals, whilst making the drums punch through. Maria Elisa also demos some of the most exciting new features from this ground-breaking Parametric EQ: such as the dynamic EQ mode, sidechaining free mode, and classic EQ emulations.


The Kirchhoff-EQ plugin is now included in all PA MEGA Bundles and available to buy from the EQ plugins section of our store.