Michael Brauer started working as a mixing engineer way back, years before it was possible to mix in the box. Driving the tape machine in the red to get pleasant-sounding saturation was his go-to approach when working analog. Nowadays, Michael mostly mixes in the box, to have an efficient workflow, especially when it comes to doing revisions on mixes or working on various projects at the same time. Saturation is still one of his key ingredients in the mixing process to give a mix character, and the Black Box HG-2 his weapon of choice for musically saturating tracks and busses.

With the release of the Black Box HG-2MS, including M/S processing, TMT, a new filter section, and other useful features, the Black Box just became way more flexible and therefore useful for Michael and his mixing. Saturating the sides to open up the room without making the center too prominent in the mix, dirtying up guitars on the side, or just adding a little bit of grid to the stereo buss, are just a few examples of how he uses the HG-2MS.