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Meet Your mix buss’ best friend
Celebrated mix engineers like Dave Pensado, Bob Horn, and Jack Douglas rely on the sweet tubes and creamy-sounding transformers of the Black Box HG-2 to help their mixes sound louder, bigger and punchier at the same peak level. Now, the HG-2 MS version offers mid-side processing,  advanced filters and more for even greater sonic refinement.

“MS” in more ways than one
The HG-2 MS is a Mid/Side version of the acclaimed HG-2. But it’s more than that. It also includes dedicated Mono mixing and Stereo buss versions, and now delivers More Saturation options and a wider variety of colors than ever before thanks to its new filter section. Select from highpass, lowpass, bandpass and bandstop filters to tailor your saturation separately for each channel.

Sweeten your audio in mono, stereo or mid-side modes
For the first time, process your audio with the rich, brilliant sound of the Black Box using mid-side processing for more sophisticated control over your sound. Saturate the sides, while keeping the center clean and punchy, or use more edgy odd-order saturation on the side and more warm even-order saturation on the center—or vice versa.

Paint Your Tracks with a Whole Palette of Tube Colors
HG-2 emulates four different vacuum tube stages combined in series and parallel circuits to color your mix and individual tracks with a wide range of rich and varied harmonics. Separate gain controls for emulated 6U8A pentode and triode tubes are placed in series between buttery virtual transformers warming the plugin’s input and output.
Dial in the perfect blend of pentode and triode tube sweetness
...then adjust the Density control to drive both tubes harder without changing their relative balance or the plugin’s output level, adding more girth and mass. The Calibration menu emulates the effect of an internal trim adjustment in the original hardware unit, instantly modifying the HG-2’s high-frequency response to produce Dark, Normal or Bright coloration.
Sprinkle, punch and tube softness
An added Air knob lets you control how much high-frequency fairy dust you sprinkle on vocal tracks, string instruments, piano and full mixes. Turning down the Mix control adds back dry signal at the plugin’s output, combining HG-2’s beautiful tube softness and luster with your mix’s perfectly preserved detail and punch.


  • The MS version of the Black Box offers Mid-Side, Mono/Stereo and More Saturation options 

  • TMT — Brainworx patent-registered “Tolerance Modeling Technology” (US Patent No. 10,725,727)
  • Additional digital-only controls like Input Gain, Density, Calibration, Air and Mix

  • Separate gain controls for virtual 6U8A pentode and triode tubes 

  • Parallel Saturation circuit selects one of two modeled 12AX7 tubes—one voiced more aggressively than the other

  • Saturation Frequency selector to add generated 12AX7 harmonics

  • Calibration menu to mimic internal trim adjustment 

  • Variable Density control to boost gain equally for virtual pentode and triode tubes

  • Variable Air control to add silvery sparkle and sweetness above 10 kHz

  • Added Mix control to adjust wet/dry balance

Audio Examples

Industry Reviews

  • Josh Gudwin

    Josh Gudwin

    5x Latin Grammy Awards, 3x Grammy Awards

    This new Black Box HG-2MS is a welcomed upgrade with its new flexibility. The additions like TMT, Density, Mono Maker, Stereo Width, calibration, MS capabilities, and selected frequency… Read More

  • Michael Brauer

    Michael Brauer

    7 Grammy Awards (Coldplay, John Mayer, The Rolling Stones)

    I love that you can really dig into the different parameters of width and tone to achieve pretty much anything your creativity desires.

  • Heba Kadry

    Heba Kadry

    Mastering Engineer (Slowdive, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Deerhunter)

    The moment I heard about the Black Box harmonic saturation unit in M/S mode, I was on board! It’s not something you see very often with saturation units; a depth in subtleties which I’ve long… Read More

  • Marc Urselli

    Marc Urselli

    3 Grammy Awards (U2, Elton John, Foo Fighters)

    I like how subtle but present the Black Box MS is, I love the extra grit, warmth, and saturation you can achieve and I've been trying it on different instruments and on the mix bus.

  • Koen Heldens

    Koen Heldens

    Mixing Engineer (XXXTentacion, Kanye West, Trippie Redd)

    I love the new M/S function! You can add subtle width to a mix or source without it becoming a phase issue or collapse issue when summing to mono. Very nice!

Customer Reviews

  • HG-2MS

    by Kwal
    An INCREDIBLY powerful and colorful tool that I use on nearly everything to give it a touch of saturation. Being able to adjust M/S saturation and onboard TMT make this a staple in my projects.
  • Sounds great

    by MS
    Really like this version on the mix buss or in mastering. Gives that extra "something" without smearing the mix.
  • The One and The Only

    by Wojtek
    All my other saturators are now gone, because Black Box ALWAYS sounds better.
  • Awesome

    by JP
    Super great, it's hard trying to decide which box to use. I like the HG-2MS and a parallel crush with the settings on the Vertigo VSM-3.
  • Fantastic!!

    by Julio
    I'm not one to usually write reviews, but I couldn't pass on commenting on this one. Just short facts here: I bought it on Christmas, installed it, put my already mixed song through it using the "41… Read More


Supported Plugin Formats

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 12 down to macOS 10.11
Windows 11 down to Windows 8

Intel, or Apple Silicon (except for AAX) architecture

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM


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Black Box Analog Design HG-2MS - Changelog

Version 1.2.1 (Jun 28, 2022)
- Fixed missing zoom factor text button on Windows
- General: Fixed potential blacklisting of VST2 on Windows
- General: Fixed potential crashes on Windows
- General: Fixed processing being Mono with VST2 in FL Studio
- General: Fixed value readouts not being present when clicking knob

Version 1.2 (Mar 15, 2022)
- General: added native Apple Silicon compatibility for VST3, VST2 and AU
- General: added macOS Monterey support
- General: added Windows 11 and Windows 10 21H1 support
- General: discontinued Windows 7 support
- General: discontinued macOS 10.9 and 10.11 support
- General: fixed metering behavior in block sizes of 2048 samples and higher

Version 1.1 (Mar 22, 2021)
- General: Compatibility with Logic on Apple Silicon devices via the Rosetta-2 layer
- General: Fixed possible artefacts when freezing or bouncing tracks in Pro Tools
- General: Fixed automation highlighting disappearing in Studio One
- General: Improved license dialog visibility in dark mode
- Fixed artefacts at render start when freezing or bouncing

Version 1.0.1 (Mar 9, 2021)
- fixed an issue with parameter linking

Version 1.0 (Mar 9, 2021)
- Release version