Learn about the updated bx_crispytuner and its Graphical Mode as Marius Metzger the designer of the original crispytuner walks you through the plugin.

Marius showcases all the possibilities the Graphical Mode offers and explains unique features like the Pitch Slope tool. Get freedom and precise control over note objects and see how you can use artificial vibrato for astonishing phrases using the Graphical Mode.

Watch the video to get an idea how Marius uses the bx_crispytuner in his production workflow for vocals and how to speed up your workflow using newly added hotkeys. To come up with great results, he utilizes the plugin to clean up the melody, and adjusts the transition time and the tightness to find the sweet spot for the vocal track. 


Find out how to correct unwanted imperfections and how to use the different modes and tools to add correction and excitement to your recordings as Marius Metzger walks you through the vocal plugin.

Learn how to use the bx_scalefinder that comes with the bx_crispytuner to identify the tuning of your song and attach the vocal to it with ease. The bx_crispytuner plugin offers three different Modes to autotune or pitch correct your vocals. Marius will show you how to use the Live, Simple and Advanced mode.