The products of Fuchs Audio Technology embody many technical and circuit innovations combined with time-honored circuits executed with the sole goal of providing a unique sonic experience that not only sounds great, but feels great to play!


    • $149
    • Fuchs
    • Overdrive Supreme 50
    • ★★★★★
    • From crystal clear and highly detailed clean sounds to its harmonically complex and eloquent overdrive, this guitar amp will hold its sonic integrity at any volume level.
      • Guitar & Bass
      • Made by BX
    • $149
    • Fuchs
    • Train II
    • ★★★★★
    • Classic Trainwreck guitar sounds - for the likes of Mark Knopfler, Brad Paisley, and Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen.
      • Guitar & Bass
      • Made by BX

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Recent Reviews

  • Andy Fuchs

    Andy Fuchs

    Founder & CEO of Fuchs Audio Technologies

    I didn’t believe a plugin could be this good. When Al Di Meola told me how amazed he was after playing it in Germany at your headquarters, I checked it out at NAMM and was knocked out! Awesome job by Dirk and the whole Brainworx crew. Honored to be a part of the family!

  • Al Di Meola

    Al Di Meola

    Grammy Awarded Guitarist

    The FUCHS ODS plugin is the best sounding amp emulation I’ve ever heard.

  • Jake Cinninger

    Jake Cinninger

    Guitarist, Umphrey's McGee

    I’ve been working with the ODS and Train plugins. They are the only ones I use in digital domain. The back panel pass filter and fast action noise gate are super useful in high gain situations. When I have a killer drum sound to record over, I can really find those sweet spots with the Fuchs plugs and comb through a thousand options. Whoa that Fuchs mid-range is heavenly! I know Fuchs amps and Brainworx achieved a modeling masterpiece!