The Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 stands out at everything it does. From crystal clear and highly detailed clean sounds to its harmonically complex and eloquent overdrive, this amp will hold its sonic integrity at any volume level.

Developed by Brainworx and officially endorsed by Fuchs Audio Technology, the Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Amplifier plugin captures all of the nuance and tube-powered tone shaping of this legendary amplifier. The clean channel has a "brite" and a "deep" switch, as well as a "rock/jazz" switch, which changes the way the tone controls operate. Rock is a more aggressive and punchier, bright tone, while jazz is lean and audiophile-like, being more balanced and smoother. The clean channel also acts as a preamp to the overdrive channel.

The overdrive channel features separate OD in and OD out controls. OD-in sets the level of saturation in overdrive, while the OD out control sets the final balance between clean and dirty channels. There is a global master volume and an accent control, which adds presence and edge to the output stage. The tone controls and EQ switches are all active during overdrive use, including all boosts.

This amp is also armed with passive "high," "mid," and "low" controls. The "high control" pulls for a boost in mid frequencies while the "mid control" pulls for a gain boost.

Apart from the exacting emulation of the original Fuchs Overdrive Supreme, the crown jewel of Fuchs amplification product line, the plugin also comes with 82 Recording Chains with multiple speaker cabinet impulse responses, FX Rack features vintage delay, noise gate, filter controls, internal power soak, pre– and post-amp bypass, as well as a scalable user interface.


  • Exacting emulation of the original Fuchs Overdrive Supreme the crown jewel of Fuchs amplification product line.

  • Approved by Andy Fuchs himself 

  • Crystal clear and detailed clean sounds to its harmonically complex and articulate overdrive, crunch and rock guitar sounds

  • FX Rack features vintage delay, noise gate, filter controls, internal power soak, and pre– and post-amp bypass

  • Scalable User Interface 

  • Recording Chain ON / OFF Parameter 

  • Recording Chain detailed Info Clean Gain, Brite switch, Deep switch, Rock/Jazz switch, High (pull: mid boost), Mid (pull: gain boost), Low, Input (model: Input Drive), Output (model: Overdrive), Master, Accent (reduces negative feedback at higher frequencies)

  • 100 Recording Chains with multiple speaker cabinet impulse response

Audio Examples

Industry Reviews

  • Andy Fuchs

    Andy Fuchs

    Founder & CEO of Fuchs Audio Technologies

    I didn’t believe a plugin could be this good. When Al Di Meola told me how amazed he was after playing it in Germany at your headquarters, I checked it out at NAMM and was knocked out! Awesome… Read More

  • Al Di Meola

    Al Di Meola

    Grammy Awarded Guitarist

    The FUCHS ODS plugin is the best sounding amp emulation I’ve ever heard.

  • Jake Cinninger

    Jake Cinninger

    Guitarist, Umphrey's McGee

    I’ve been working with the ODS and Train plugins. They are the only ones I use in digital domain. The back panel pass filter and fast action noise gate are super useful in high gain situations.… Read More

  • Robert Venable

    Robert Venable

    Producer and Sound Engineer (Megadeth, Twenty One Pilots, Kelly Clarkson)

    After playing through the Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 and the Fuchs Train II amp plugins for a few hours, and scrolling through the various presets, tweaking settings, messing around with the FX… Read More

  • Coy Bowles

    Coy Bowles

    Guitarist, Zac Brown Band

    I’ve been playing a Fuchs Overdrive Supreme all across the world for more than 10 years while touring as a member of the Zac Brown Band. This plugin is super accurate to the sound that I’m… Read More

Customer Reviews

  • Fuchs OD supreme

    by jtp
    Very impressed with Fuchs Overdrive Supreme, best cleans I've heard from an amp sim and along with the cab selections from PA it's become so quick and painless to find great tones to work with. Also… Read More
  • ODS 50

    by jeffsjazz
    Bought this and Train ll the day they were first available. I am not disappointed. Definitely the best amp plugins I've ever used! I've been a huge fan of the "D" style amps for a long time, The work… Read More
  • Just Perfect

    by Gary Regnier
    This is the benchmark for amp sims, period !
  • Omg

    by Psysword
    Well I’m the first! Took a chance with my coupons on this one and slapped it on a recorded clean guitar not expecting much. Boy oh boy! I have all the plugins and I was relying on Guitar rig 5… Read More
  • Fuchs ODS

    by cowparsleyman
    Stunning coding, I've been after the Larry Carlton sound for many years, and this is the closest I've got after many amps and amp sims.
    Thank You PA


Supported Plugin Formats
AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, AAX AudioSuite, VST2, VST3

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 10.9 through 10.15
Windows 7 through 10

Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended)

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM


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