John La Grou’s passion for audio was sparked when his dad brought home the first stereo reel-to-reel home tape recorder, a ¼ʺ half-track machine made by the Voice of Music Company. John starting playing electric guitar at seven and was building amplifiers and guitar pedals in junior high school. After his first AES Convention – 1974 at the LA Hilton – he was hooked on audio for life.

John and Cynthia La Grou founded Millennia Media. John began working around Northern California as a classical music-recording engineer in 1991. He has worked with some of the world’s greatest classical and jazz artists. Today, Millennia’s remote division produces scores of recordings each year for public radio and other clients.

Millennia’s engineering and manufacturing division was conceived during John’s earliest recording sessions with the Sacramento Symphony. Realizing that the recording equipment then available was limiting his ability to achieve great sonic results, John determined to apply his years of experience in recording and audio design to develop tools that would respond to the most critical and creative professionals in the industry.

Best known for their stellar microphone preamplifiers – over 10,000 channels are currently in use around the world – Millennia has also developed critically acclaimed signal processors including the NSEQ-2 equalizer and the TCL-2 compressor. Millennia is one of the most respected analog brands in all of professional audio and that commitment to excellence shows up in their digital product line as well.


    • $199$36.99
    • Millennia
    • NSEQ-2
    • ★★★★★
    • A versatile EQ with a vacuum tube mode and discrete JFET mode. Toggle between rich character and clear transparency.
      • Hardware Emulations
      • M/S Inside
      • Made by BX
      • Mastering
      • Sale
    • $199
    • Millennia
    • TCL-2
    • ★★★★★
    • Faithful emulation of this purist-design, $3500 Hardware Opto-Compressor.
      • Hardware Emulations
      • M/S Inside
      • Made by BX
      • Mastering

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Recent Reviews

  • Joe Palmaccio

    Joe Palmaccio

    Senior Recording Engineer, Sony Music, NYC

    The TCL-2 is beautifully constructed and is as sonically neutral as anything I have heard.

  • Michael Bishop

    Michael Bishop

    Telarc International

    Using the Millennia NSEQ-2 has made me completely re-think how I use EQ. Where I used to avoid using EQ at all, the NSEQ-2 has been employed to put just the right touch in a recording. The NSEQ- 2’s transparency and musicality is stunning! I don’t know of an EQ, digital or analog, that could approach its qualities.

  • Sound On Sound

    Sound On Sound


    The NSEQ2 is not only remarkably clean and quiet, but also boasts an extremely wide dynamic range.