Customer Reviews

  • My most useful tool ever

    by David Tantama
    Removing the pain of manual referencing during mixing and mastering. In just a few mins, my mix has changed dramatically. This is my best tool ever. Highly Recommended!!!
  • Killer Dealer!!!

    by Megatracks
    Used a different brand for a while. Thought this would be similar, NOT!!!! Has all the additional features that were missing making this a must have whether mixing or just getting a track together and you need inspiration!! Lovely piece of work!!
  • Metric AB

    by Ronny
    The best comparison plugin so far. Very precise and it works flawlessly. I would like to see codec comparisons and loudness compensation for the gain changes before the plugin like MasterCheck Pro. I would buy this update immediately and then it would get 5 stars for a complete solution.
  • ADPTR love

    by Daniel Englisch
    So happy with this new plug! Room treatment is far from ideal atm, but this tool helps me greatly switching back and forward between my favourite tracks and the productions of a given EP to master. Was actually waiting for this to happen. Love it!
  • MetricAB

    by GV
    Like most of the reviewers have said, this plug-in is one of the most needed, and now, most used. I was reluctant to use references because of the hassle of getting levels right and getting a fast and true AB comparison. This beast makes it easy and fun. And most of all, makes my mixes much better. Most of us don't take breaks and re-calibrate like we should. This plug-in tells you immediately where your ears have dulled out. Love it!
  • Love this

    by InnerChild
    Reference tracks can be a necessary pain in the ass, at least for me. This plug-in made it so simple. Must have! ADTPR and PA really thought this through completely.
  • MetricAB ROCKS!!!

    by AdamP
    This has got to be the Rolls Royce of A/B testing plugins, worth every cent even at full price. It will save you time, but more importantly allow you to level match your reference songs (and lots of them) so you can get a very good snapshot of many references... I LOVE it!
  • MetricAB

    by Roman Wisniak
    So good to have it. :) One tool which has it all. What a relief. Now using it in every session. :)
  • Simple and powerful

    by CadErik
    If you wonder how this compares to isotope, this one doesn't have all the smarts of the frequency analysis BUT I do prefer it. One really simple and killer feature is the fact that you can set your reference tracks in loop mode and compare frequency ranges with basically one click. With this feature, I was able to really easily nail the master and especially the eq of the low frequencies. Another thing I really like about it is that it has been designed for both mastering and also mixing on the master bus. The frequency visualisation is also simple and IMO better than what I have seen in other plugins.
    Anyway - you can't go wrong with this one...
  • Fast, elegant and comprehensive

    by Simon B
    Generally, I have been working with a setup within Logic that contains a Mix and Bypass bus for tasks such as easy referencing. I also have a few different meters placed on it so I can measure, observe and compare differences from time to time.
    I must say, though, having these tools built into a single plugin that will straight up show you the differences between your mix and a reference can be a really bloody handy.
    MetricAB is comprehensive and makes referencing both easy and informative. No complicated templates required. It’s not that we should be trying to imitate any specific mix sound, it just provides us with a fast and elegant method where we might be going wrong in a mix. Now that’s worth the price of admission.