Customer Reviews

  • Metric AB

    by Niklas wag
    Absolute Perfect Referenz Tool ..thank you so much!!! The last perfect plugin I was searching for.
  • Metric AB

    by Oliver B
    I have been using this plugin for a week and it has helped improve my mixes and see where I have issues in the stereo field, dynamics, and frequency spectrum. The analyzers are first class and the plugin is very CPU friendly. Love how easy this plugin is on the eyes and its now permanently on my master channel.
    This plugin is easy to use and just works as intended.
  • Referencing made Easy

    by Audiomilitia
    Metric AB is one of those one stop "need to have "plugins that i would recommend for Engineers and Muso's from novice to pro level . One of the most important parts of our job in writing compositions for TV , Film and games is to check how your mix stands up to other mixes in the same field. Also when working in different studios or mixing on headphones in foreign environments , this plugin becomes invaluable to check your bass levels , make sure your'e not too bright and your mix has enough dynamics and loudness is all in check . Metric AB is well thought out and comes packed with a ton of really helpfull features , my favourite being able to overlay frequencies of your mastered mix over any other mix your'e trying to reference .
  • MetricAB

    by Mick Evans
    Wow, where has this MetricAB been all my life.
    How easy is it now to AB your mixers against the market CD's.
  • MetrikAB Very Good

    by Vicsaund
    It was very profitable for all of us :)
    At the time of the release of MetricAB, I had a test in the demo mode REFERENCE from the company Mastering the Mix ,,, Two more days and I would buy it .... (REFERENCE)
    After seeing and testing MetrikAB I chose it, for very good functionality, graphics, ease of use, intuitive interface !!!
    and of course the price.
    Thanks for the timely release of this plugin!
  • MetricAB

    by hiro
  • Metric AB is great

    by Dave Kowalski
    I've been using another dedicated A/B plugin for the longest time and although its basic comparison functions have worked fine, Metric AB greatly expands on the possibilities of this type of program. More slots for reference materials, better layout and ergonomics, and most of all, a slew of visual side-by-side analysis tools that one would have to spend more on as separate plugins! I highly recommend it!
  • MetricAB

    In the market there are similar programs, MetricAB best of all. I - am very happy to emergence of program expansion, the Plugin Alliance always at the high level!!!
  • It’s the A/B GOD of all other A/B plugins!

    by Mark 'Ruff' Ryder
    This Plugins is Essential. I have bought loads of plugins to reference my music against the best sounding professional tracks and only now can I stop looking for the perfect plugin for this job. The Metric AB Plugin is off the chart for its brilliantly well thought out GUI and its amazing visual indicators.
    It’s the A/B GOD of all other A/B plugins!
    If you are serious about mix perfection then this is a no brainier. Its genius for its ability to A/B multiple sources while auto level matching for real comparison but that’s just the main screen. The other options just blow me away with the visual clarity to reference everything so easily.
    No producer should be without this on their DAW, especially if they are serious about getting the best matched sound no matter what room they work in. A/B your mix against your dream producers mix in the most accurate way possible. 10/10
  • Knowledge is Power

    by moodZoo
    Yes, this is a pristine reference plugin... But more than that, I can see this being a great learning tool for new mixers and producers. Being able to compare and analyse all of the available parameters, gives the engineer/producer an in-depth view into their own work, and ways to make it more powerful based on the work of the most renowned professionals in the biz, or the songs that have been the most impactful to them. An invaluable tool.