Customer Reviews

  • Amek EQ 250

    by Salyangoz
    Neredeyse bütün seslere kullanmak istedim en önemli mix aracım oldu.
  • 5stars

    by stef
    such a great sounding eq, absolute great! unbelieveble value for the money
  • Solid Master EQ

    by Kampa
    I use it mainly on my master buss as an MidSid EQ. Does a solid EQ work in that function. I tried the AMEK 200 and I like this one better. Sounds fuller/rounder on the lows and very highs to my ears. Nice that you can turn on/off the THD. The 5 bands plus LP and HP filters are more than enough as a Master EQ. Great plugin. Thanks!
  • Brings the dead to life!

    by Defying Silence
    Able to dial in on hard to find frequencies very nicely! Excellent design and very helpful how it mutes the other channels when dialing something in. Very smooth sounding. Excellent plugin!
  • Amazing sounding EQ

    by EQ 250
    I am really impressed with the 250 EQ! I first compared the 200 with the 250, since I really like the 200. They do sound different but can be used on many different sources. I personally liked the 250 on vocals, strings, and the mix buss. The lows are very deep and can make a thin sound, sound thick with out sounding muddy. Overall the 250 sounds amazing on everything and gives a clean, exciting sound!
  • AMEK EQ 250

    by J
    Honestly the best parametric EQ I have tried for guitar busses. I prefer the EQ 200 for drum busses, but that is the beauty of having the options, just taking the ideal tool for the job. The first plugin that goes on every guitar bus is the EQ 250 and more often than not, it is also the last plugin on that bus, as it just shapes the tone so well.
  • Amek 250

    by Rafał
    Very musical and very precise eq. Good for techno ;)
  • EQ 250 Has A Vibe

    by L Schefman
    I wasn't going to buy the EQ250 because I didn't understand why it's different from the EQ 200. But I downloaded the demo of the EQ 250 and compared them as closely as I could at the same settings. As others have said, the low end is magnificent. But I liked what the EQ does in the other frequency bands, too. I often feel that plugin EQs are a compromise. This one's for real.
  • Beautiful result with the 250

    by Alfred
    I made a few masters today (2) and it was a great way to compare the AMEK 200 and the AMEK 250, and you know what? There really is a big difference! The 250 is deeper in the lows and more expressive in the highs and it worked beautiful on both masters. I can recommend the 250 beside the 200, gives you a choice in mastering a certain sound. Both are good EQ's and taste will decide which one you choose in some songs.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you for this report!