Customer Reviews

  • Perfect

    by MS
    Perfect for solid, sit-in-the-mix bass, including some serious attitude if wanted. But its not the in-your-face-epic-huge sound of the SVT-VR and SVT-3. For me that makes B-15N a really nice compliment to those products since I need to cover a lot of different genres. Not sure how it stacks up to mic'ing up the real deal, but it sounds great in a mix.
  • Legendary!

    by Faydit
    Legendary amp, very convincing, authentic simulation!
    Great for bass, of course, the perfect companion for every Precision, Jazz Bass or Rickenbacker, of course, but also does a great job in combination with modern basses.
    As I am not really a bass player, I unfortunately „misuse“ this plugin mostly as a clean to semi-clean guitar amp, as it has a very unique, top-notch clean sound, fuller bodied, more balanced than a Fender, for my taste even better sounding than most Fender Tweed amps, more similar to a Vox, Hiwatt or even an old, but very rare Mullard, but with it's very unique, own vintage tube character.
    Also harmonizes wonderfully as a clean to semi-clean amp / channel, if you use a 1987 or 1959 Plexi for tube overdrive or even if used in parallel or combine or blend them with a pedal.
    Wonderful, singing, decent, very naturally, organically sounding vintage tube overdrive at higher volume settings, also works well with overdrive pedals in front (KC, OCD, RAT,...), even with horn activated, which adds some nice treble peaks without ever sounding too harsh or shrill.
    The speaker / cabinets section even offers some IR's with SM57‘s, which work perfectly well for my needs, but also a lot of other presets (especially the Dyn+Ribbon combinations) sound and work fine. The selection of the included 1x15, 4x10, 8x10 cabinets allows a lot of fine tuning, if they are not enough for your needs, you still can use external cabinets.
    Besides, the GUI looks fantastic too.
  • B-15N

    by PMT Studio
    Used the analog version in the 70's hard to tell if is analog or plugin when closing eyes . It also has many added options that did not exist on the analog one.
  • decent...

    by Vlad
    I've got a hardware of this amp - the plugin sounds kinda similar but not as good as a real one.
  • b 15n

    by erv
    it sounds extrem analog. i use it to make synthbass-sounds some bigger. fantastic.
  • Get a nice low end

    by WiredEyes
    You can get a nice low end with this plugin, especially on a DI bass.
  • B-15N

    by Oscv
    I don't write many reviews. I actually own an Ampeg PF-50T, very similar design but 50 watts. It's the first modelled amp that I can compare to a real amp I know and own. This thing blows my mind! I feel like I'm playing the real thing but with less headroom, cause of the wattage difference. Pure magic!!!
  • It growls (if you want it to)

    by Frank1119
    I bought this one mainly because of the reviews, the samples I heard and because I was not completely satisfied with the 800RB plugin I bought before.
    This amp is a nice beast. A real smooth low to mid. Some bass-guitar amps sound like they are having a cold, but this one can provide a real rolling and even growling low without nasty distortion.
    For my own liking, this plugin lacks a bit in the high-mid to high department, so I combine it, using a cross-over, with the 800RB plugin, which provides very well this funky sound I'm after.
    For me this combination is a real winner. However, depending on the job at hand, I can imagine that I will also use the B-15N 'stand-alone'
    Pro: Very nice low to mid.
    Pro: Very easy to dial in.
    Con: A little limited in the high-mid to high department.
  • mixing bass became much easier

    by Max
    the controls are somewhat limited and the sound didn't really impress me at first when soloed. but man, this thing helps the bass to sit in the mix right where it should be. try different cab models and you'll see why this thing is a classic. my favourite cabinet type is 1x15.
  • Classic and warm.

    by Sergio
    It's great for getting classic tones, you can fell feel the warm sound of the tubes and you can get an overdrived sound by increasing the gain in the FX Rack. I'd tottally recommend this to complement a Pbass.