Customer Reviews

  • B-15N

    by Oscv
    I don't write many reviews. I actually own an Ampeg PF-50T, very similar design but 50 watts. It's the first modelled amp that I can compare to a real amp I know and own. This thing blows my mind! I feel like I'm playing the real thing but with less headroom, cause of the wattage difference. Pure magic!!!
  • It growls (if you want it to)

    by Frank1119
    I bought this one mainly because of the reviews, the samples I heard and because I was not completely satisfied with the 800RB plugin I bought before.
    This amp is a nice beast. A real smooth low to mid. Some bass-guitar amps sound like they are having a cold, but this one can provide a real rolling and even growling low without nasty distortion.
    For my own liking, this plugin lacks a bit in the high-mid to high department, so I combine it, using a cross-over, with the 800RB plugin, which provides very well this funky sound I'm after.
    For me this combination is a real winner. However, depending on the job at hand, I can imagine that I will also use the B-15N 'stand-alone'
    Pro: Very nice low to mid.
    Pro: Very easy to dial in.
    Con: A little limited in the high-mid to high department.
  • mixing bass became much easier

    by Max
    the controls are somewhat limited and the sound didn't really impress me at first when soloed. but man, this thing helps the bass to sit in the mix right where it should be. try different cab models and you'll see why this thing is a classic. my favourite cabinet type is 1x15.
  • Classic and warm.

    by Sergio
    It's great for getting classic tones, you can fell feel the warm sound of the tubes and you can get an overdrived sound by increasing the gain in the FX Rack. I'd tottally recommend this to complement a Pbass.
  • Magic !!!

    by Produce_in_the_box_fr
    Formidably efficient !!!
    always present in my toolbox !!!
    Donat Louisin
    "produce in the box fr"
  • BASS

    by YAKUL
    This is my favorite ampeg amp! The overdriven rec. chain is instant killer punkrock / hardcore bass for me, because it ciuts through the mix, but is still warm and biting, though not harsh. The dynamic is fantastic! Versatility is big on this one. I just love it! Funk? Yupp! Metal? Sure! I combine this one with gig performer and it is BOOM! :D Seriously, this is a killer bass amp sim!
  • Bass Killer

    by Martox
    Love this!!
  • Amp B-15

    by MrGuitar
    This plug-in is awesome! It would be a bargain at 4 times the price.
  • It's Real~!!

    by MP
    Great~!! I Like This~!!
  • B-15N

    by Marcus Dahl
    finlly, there's a really good emulation of this bad-ass! And it sounds SUPERB! buy!