Customer Reviews

  • Magic !!!

    by Produce_in_the_box_fr
    Formidably efficient !!!
    always present in my toolbox !!!
    Donat Louisin
    "produce in the box fr"
  • BASS

    by YAKUL
    This is my favorite ampeg amp! The overdriven rec. chain is instant killer punkrock / hardcore bass for me, because it ciuts through the mix, but is still warm and biting, though not harsh. The dynamic is fantastic! Versatility is big on this one. I just love it! Funk? Yupp! Metal? Sure! I combine this one with gig performer and it is BOOM! :D Seriously, this is a killer bass amp sim!
  • Bass Killer

    by Martox
    Love this!!
  • Amp B-15

    by MrGuitar
    This plug-in is awesome! It would be a bargain at 4 times the price.
  • It's Real~!!

    by MP
    Great~!! I Like This~!!
  • B-15N

    by Marcus Dahl
    finlly, there's a really good emulation of this bad-ass! And it sounds SUPERB! buy!
  • Ampeg B-15

    by Eddie Torres
    I've played the original Ampeg B-15 amp early on and to have now this plugin has me pretty excited! Thanks Plugin Alliance