Customer Reviews

  • Great Curves...

    by Aurasphere
    Spoilt by so many eqs. This would get a 5 except for the following
    1.UI desperately needs scalability
    2. Its fine to model after analog gear but there should be preference for 'modern' which adds a couple of more bands and some finer q etc so that you dont have to use additional eqs...I would rather learn 1 intimately than fiddle with 10 options...its digital hehe...not like it costs any more to add them eg like hardware. Maybe this could just be an extra page called 'Detailed' with those specific additional features
    3. Output gain with compensation
    Plugin doctors seems to say these are identical to the 9099. It really is super musical and is one of those plugins that benefits greatly from hardware knobs as the interactions using knobs is so different from the mouse experience...and FAST!
  • bx-2098

    by postwavesound
    outstanding, versatile, excels as a buss EQ, all the PA extras.
  • Oh yes please - 2098 EQ

    by Derynn
    This goes on just about every track in my mix and a general sonic enhancer tool. The presets are fantastic and tweaking is really rich. I find the graphical EQs easier for surgical, but this is really sweet sounding. It also goes really nice on the master bus - again, the presets are a great starting point and tweaking is simple.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you. What are you missing for a 5th star?
  • My New Favorite Acoustic Piano EQ...

    by Lucas
    I have to say this before all else: This is on my Top Five List of PA plugins in need of an "Added Scalable UI" update... and while I'm wishing, a dark option, similar to the makeover that the bx_console AMEK 9099 received.
    That out of the way...
    This hasn't become a mastering EQ for me, like a lot of people I've met have ended up predominantly using it for, but my piano EQ, as so long as I'm not looking for any blatant colour and want the overall tone to remain intact. Between the clean High and Low shelves I have the ability to make the EQ moves that I need on acoustic pianos, which are always small, gentle boosts, and well-defined notches, and this does that beautifully with a maximum boost of Q2, and a ridiculously tight notch of up to Q35. Add to that the Mid/Side option and there isn't any reason that this EQ can't bring out the best in any piano.
    Incidentally, shaping a piano is the only task other than gentle, overall mastering shifts that I could imagine anyone using the "Sheen" and, especially, the "Glow" buttons for, both of which extend your Low and High Ends into nearly the entire range, effectively warping any boosts or cuts done in the Low-Mid, Mid, or Mid-High. Still, it's an option which I appreciate as the mellow slopes can work nicely on the sides in M/S mode.
    And, I'd never knock off a star rating simply for lack of a larger UI, so Five Stars it is.
  • So sweet

    by wrathofmaitreya
    Sweet on either mix or master bus. Opens up the sound and the m/s adds another dimension.
  • bx_2098 - BEST EQ

    by florinsdistortedvision
    My first ever Plugin Alliance EQ plugin, I just had to get it. I have tried multiple EQ plugins, both parametric, graphic, even automatic AI EQ, nothing compares to this EQ. Makes me wish I had the original console :) . 2 features I absolutely love about this EQ is "Mono Maker" and "Stereo Width" which removes extra plugins I would've used. Brainworx always killing it with their plugins, will definitely buy more from them, awesome company and products!
  • AMAZING, but

    by Brian
    WOW! There is just something about this EQ... it has this amazing tone, some of the most musical filters and shelves I've ever heard (you don't really even hear them kick in), and has a ton of flexibility compared to most vintage EQs.
    The notches, the two different options on the low/high shelves, and the M/S and mono-maker are all incredibly helpful touches. Add in the TMT harmonics and this could easily be a "go-to" vintage EQ for mixes, and especially busses and masters.
    With one huge caveat! bx, PLEASE, PLEASE add an output gain. It feels like such a no-brainer for all modern plug-ins these days in order to manage gain-staging and by-passing. The channel strip this is based on has level output.
  • I Like it

    by Ndal
    After testing with other EQ plugins I had, I decided to buy it. It gave a very clear and creamy sound. I liked Focusrite SC and SSL 9000J's EQ, but 2098 has both advantages. M/S mode and Sheen and Glow function were able to create various sounds. Very useful EQ!
  • Nice on the mix bus

    by Don
    I didn't need this. I wasn't looking for another EQ. BUT I wanted to support Brainworx after their flood so bought this on a whim, figuring having another Rupert Neve EQ can never be a bad thing :-). But then I started playing with it on some finished mixes and found it truly useful! I put it on the output bus and after a bit of tweaking in M/S mode found I could get a bit more clarity in the highs without getting brittle, better control of the low end, and an improved stereo spread. I'm really quite impressed and glad I gave it a try. Oh, and best of luck to the team at Brainworx in rebuilding your studio!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank YOU!
  • Very nice EQ

    by Maarten
    Very nice and clean EQ, that makes the sounds pop just a little more with the gloom and sheen functions. Works very well on guitars, electric as well as accoustic and the adjustible harmonic distortion makes the analog feel really blend well into the mix