Customer Reviews

  • Classic Amek EQ pristine quality in today’s day and age

    by Jwthevision
    The brains at Brainworx and Plugin Aliiance seem to know how give us tools that will help us design our desired sound to a specific niche and range. The bx_2098 isn’t supposed to be a Neve emulation, or supposed to give you a simply flat analog tool for mixing/mastering. This EQ is a cerebral, technical and hard sounding. Just like the real life Amek EQ. The TMT can give you some random analog qualities that vary from channel to channel and allow you to capture the unpredictability of analog without the pitfalls. Lastly...the booming low end and pristine sheen on this EQ make it such a cerebral tool for the most technical of needs. You want this plugin!
  • Bx_2098 eq

    by David Steffens
    Great plugin, goes on most of my instrument tracks and reminds me of the original hardware channel so much. I was a big fan of tracking and mixing through that unit a few years back, and immediately bought this when I saw it. It was my first plugin from plugin alliance and I will continue to come back. Great work!
  • 2098 or 9098?

    by BK
    There is not much more to say that hasn’t already been said about Bx plugs. Dirk is a legend in the field. The proprietary TMT is great and really makes this shine. One of the best things all of the Bx plugs do is allow total control of mid/side. This is one of my go-to’s when I need to warm up a vocal signal and dial in the stereo field. Neve would be so proud. Great job!
  • Amek 9098 sound

    by Devin | TSC
    One of the first albums I ever did was when the 9098 pre amp / EQ first came out. Day one I was so impressed. Day two I bought the pair. It really stepped up the quality of the recordings I was doing and couldn't go back.
    The 2098 plugin put a smile on my face like a reunion with an old friend. The same X factor is in there as the original 9098 had.
    The 9098 pre was magic too and look forwards to the full console plugin to get pre/EQ combo of the original.
    I never got on a Amek 9098 console but have played with the Amek Virtual Dynamics, it would be great to have that in combination for the full console experience.
    All of these Plugin Alliance have that special depth and resolution that is hard to find in the digital world. A lot of tea what I'm searching for is movement in the tone. The 2098 like the others feel like hardware.
    As a note, I sold my old original Amek 9098 units to get Millennia pre's and EQ's. Which you can also get the sound of with Plugin Alliance Millennia models. All world class stuff.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you so much for that review! I had the *SAME* experience when I bought a single channel of the 9098 back in the days. Upgraded my whole studio back then. (Dirk)
  • Extremly Fine EQ...

    by Krešimir Bikić
    This is one useful and precise tool. Especially when smaller increments are needed! Adjustable Shelfs and Notches as well as Filtering for Softening and Shining is a nice touch. Also, as it is widely known, Brainworx's stuff comes with M/S Matrix so does this EQ. And, maybe not so widely used as "all-in-one" but Mono-maker comes in handy when needed. And, to top it all, a HP/LP is there as well.
    I find this EQ very transparent and CPU friendly. I am so glad I bought this one.
    Excellent work everyone at Brainworx/PA!
  • Brainworx bx_2098

    by André Luiz
    My first recording, decades ago, was through an Amek 9098. The beauty of that console, without a doubt, was on the eq, so clean and so musical - and that’s exactly what we find here, on th bx_2098. Once again, Brainworx raised the bar on modeling a classic piece of hardware.
  • Analog tone shaping

    by Control Freak
    If I want an analog sounding EQ plugin this is the first thing I grab. Also is possibly the most powerful time shaper I have. Its glow and sheen controls allow you to make huge tonal adjustments while only adding minor amounts of gain. I own most of the highest rated and recommended eq plugins on the market and this is the first thing I grab when a clean sound isnt cutting it. Can't wait for the full console version.
  • 2098 Eq

    by Zac M
    This is an amazing recreation or the 9098. I have recorded and mixed on the Amek 9098 console and the 9098 outboard EQ for years and I can say this is pretty much dead on.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you. We LOVE hearing from people who actually use(d) the hardware we model. Dirk.
  • Bloody Amazing EQ

    by kaiser_of_1kHz
    The only one you need. More hi-fi than a channel strip EQ but with some really nice character - nothing overly domineering, just high quality on every band and in every way. I would like the GUI a bit bigger, but once you know the way the frequencies are distributed among the controls, its not too bad.
  • bx_2098 EQ

    by Koo
    Clear, clean, crisp, creamy. Love the sound. My new favorite EQ !