Customer Reviews

  • Very nice EQ

    by Maarten
    Very nice and clean EQ, that makes the sounds pop just a little more with the gloom and sheen functions. Works very well on guitars, electric as well as accoustic and the adjustible harmonic distortion makes the analog feel really blend well into the mix
  • Very good

    by BluelagoonStudios
    First the GUI looks a bit like the Maäg Magnum-K compressor, which I like a lot. So it's not only good for coloring the audio, it's also eye candy. The filters are amazing, and the EQ is easy to use.
  • BX2098EQ

    by RetroMixer
    Having used the real thing many times, and being an ardent Amek fan, I found this plugin to be very accurate. It’s very realistic in all frequency bands, especially the mids; which have that Amek bite. The top end is smooth, silky, and very much contemporary, whilst the low end has warmth. The M/S control (available only on the 9098 console’s stereo channels) is excellent, and a welcome addition. This is a must-have for anyone making serious records, and require a high level of analogy accuracy.
  • Amazing solution for mixing!

    by GS
    This plugin can seriously transform your material into what you want! Sometimes we just need little movements to get something sounding right, other times we need to shape it all with our own hands. This EQ do it all easily. If you are used with that "channel strip" kind of EQ, don't be confused, this is one of the most powerful pieces you will find in this style. This is colourful and very distinctive, but goes from subtle to aggressive, based on what you need. If you are the guy that mix with a purpose in mind, not turning knobs just to see what happens, please, try this one! One last thing, combine this EQ with a couple of good compressors and find yourself a "customized channel strip"... You can be amazed with the results!
  • A powerful, musical EQ

    by Scott Maple
    I applied this EQ to the spot mic channels on my drums and it has brought out the best elements of each instrument.
    The snare, kick and toms now cut through the mix while sounding least ‘mix natural’, and I guess that’s the very definition of what ‘musical EQ should be.
    I really wish I’d had this EQ on the previous album I mixed, and the 9098 is going to be a key component of every mix I do from now on.
  • Love It

    by Matt Roling
    Fantastic sound, I couldnt expect more about the taste, but it would be better with a 150% size option, althought I'm happy with the purchase
  • Fantastic EQ!

    by spbmac
    Love this EQ! Fantastic sound and intuitive UI. Love the solo features to help accurately eq the sides and mids. Love the monomaker for clarifying the low end, THD knobs and TMT options for giving subtle harmonics boost to make the whole mix fuller, very clean stereo width control. Incredible value especially catching the awesome summer sale!!
  • My go to EQ

    by Mike B
    If it's not the Millennia NSEQ-2 EQ, then it's the 2098 I tend to go for.
    Synths go to NSEQ-2 and I usually go for the 2098 to tame most. The 2098 is extremely versatile and I can hear everything change beautifully.
    Sometimes I need precision Equing and i'll pull something else in but for most, this is it!
  • Very Nice EQ

    This is the EQ that when I can't seem to find the right sound with others, I get that "oh yeah" moment. The only thing I would like to see improve is a little scalability or just an easier to read GUI. Ths is a nice EQ!
  • Amek 2098

    by sean fullerton
    transparent. accurate. musical and easy to use.
    loving the mid/side, the shelves, and the "sheen" :)