Customer Reviews

  • One of my favorites

    by Fear of Fish Studios
    Really quite versatile and musical. Another great EQ for mid side. CPU usage is low, great curves in the EQ. Smooth highs that aren’t harsh and rich low end. It’s a keeper.
  • High Energy

    by Hvrg
    This eq does wonder in the upper frequencies!!
  • Great for adding width

    by Shawn
    This is a great EQ for helping make the side image stand out from the mids. It's a go-to for me on drum rooms to help make them seem wider.
  • 2098 EQ

    by Daz
    I don't write reviews very often, but this EQ sounds amazing
    With great features like M/S
    & 20 virtual channel's, adding some uniqueness to the plugin
    But its colour is amazing, I have a lot of EQs that are great and handy to have, but this is my go to bus channel & vocal channel EQ
    It is very musical (it enhances the sound in a nice musical way)
    It can be pushed very hard, adding a nice analogue element, without ever becoming harsh
    I can't complement this EQ enough
    Even if its not perfect for every EQ task you will ever need to do...
    What it does is simply fantastic
    Imo... You need to demo this, because it will sell its self and it is one you will find a use for
  • Amazing

    by Anonymous
    Owning all Waves and Slate Digital plug-ins I did not expect to find such a fine EQ in the bx_2098. The sound that you can get out of it is quite spectacular and you will need multiple other EQs to get the same "feeling".
    - one star because of the interface lacking the ability to type in a value for the knobs... like any other plug-in available out there.
  • Cream!

    by Francesco Scarpa
    A beautiful equalizer!
    High and medium frequencies very sweet. Hot basses. Excellent flexibility (thanks also to the intelligent Plugin Alliance comparisons "A-B-C-D").
    But the magic is achieved with the Tdh knob! Then the sweetness of the high frequencies becomes really cream. And with a touch of liveliness and air.
    This eq can do beautiful things!
  • Surprise, surprise...

    by BriJonas
    I owned the original hardware version back in the late 90's - absolutely loved it. It is hard to explain but it sounded so clear and full - as though nothing was in the way between the sound and your ears.
    At that time, it received some critique because people kept comparing it to the traditional 1073 sound but I always felt that Rupert's genius and great musical sense really shined through this unit.
    I have been working this plugin the past couple of days and I am more than impressed and very happy to have this at my fingertips again. The addition of the M/S tools is brilliant. Watch the video!
  • Not just another EQ

    by J.G. Mansardian
    With the bx_2098 even small adjustments are pure fun and joy. This is one of those devices where you can literally hear even 0.5 dB of adjustment.
    The only reason why I give 4 out of 5 stars is about the meters. They aren't as smooth as they should be and don't provide a peak hold, so to me they are pretty useless. I wouldn't miss them if they were abandoned in a future update, however I would welcome an improved metering as well. Generally speaking, especially when it comes to EQing I rather trust my ears than meters, and these won't convince me to find any use for them.
    Having that said, it is the sonic qualities of an audio tool that really counts. You can't go wrong with the bx_2098 EQ.
  • 2098 EQ

    by Eric B
    This EQ is giving me great tones very quickly. I just did a mix with the 2098 inserted on each channel. Tracks just sound right and fit together beautifully. Sculpting is easy. It's everything I had always hoped my SSL type plugins would do, but more hi-fi and there is a refined shimmer to the sound. That THD knob is great. I never got to work on a 9098, only the Langley stuff back in the day. This plugin must be capturing what people like about the 9098 because there is something special going on here. Well done!
  • Useful EQ vibe

    by Adam
    Spent a day trialing it and running some tests. Used it on mastering a couple of swampy rock tracks and feedback from the client (quoting verbatim): "Maate!!! Masters sound amazing! Tough and big and awesome!!! Thank you!!!"
    So I think it went ok. ; )
    Still, there are some tricks to this EQ, which seems devoid of a manual. Beware the +0.7dB insertion bump (flat, all bands out). My default setting is with the inputs trimmed.
    Likewise, each of the four EQ bands (set flat) has a +0.2dB bump.
    Not a fan of the glow or sheen curves so far, which seem to be extended shape shelves. I'm sure they have their place.
    The mono maker's 2k indicator is actually 22k so go easy there! (mono making in pro-mastering is NOT used as often as many people think).
    The THD control applies only to the four EQ bands when switched in (not the filters), and cumulatively so.
    Although, for its sound with a touch of vibe, its simplicity (glad for the finer gain range), and encouraging working by ear (no spectrum graphs required): thumbs up.
    – Pro mastering engineer.