Customer Reviews

  • bx_boom!

    by Vitor Melo
    bx_boom! resolveu a minha dificuldade em encontrar o ataque perfeito para o meu Kick
  • Wow

    by Wow
    Just wow it's to amazing
  • BX Boom

    by DJ PureFire
    Awesome plug-in for adding that phat sound or punch to a low frequency kick drum
  • Pro Series

    by BX boom
    Great Low End on Kick Drum .
  • Very Cool

    by Axel E
    Does exactly what it says, excellent boom!
  • bx_boom

    by Annex Audio Studios
    This is a secret weapon. Wow!!!!
  • The best kick

    by David
    Writing bass-heavy techno has never sounded better than with the bx_boom. Simple interface seemed too easy, but the kick cuts through better than the effects chain I had before.
    Bx_boom simplified the most important element of my mix.
    Well done, brainworx.
  • Brainworx bx_boom!

    by Fiery Water Recording Studio
    Like all Brainworx plugins, even the "bx_boom!" In its simplicity is fantastic! .. I use it in parallel on the kick, you give that something more .. that enhances the kick in the mix !!!
  • Boom

    by Niklas wag
    Perfect little helper
  • boom_bx_boom

    by OSAR
    Awesome! Buy it!