Customer Reviews

  • Pro Series

    by BX boom
    Great Low End on Kick Drum .
  • Very Cool

    by Axel E
    Does exactly what it says, excellent boom!
  • bx_boom

    by Annex Audio Studios
    This is a secret weapon. Wow!!!!
  • The best kick

    by David
    Writing bass-heavy techno has never sounded better than with the bx_boom. Simple interface seemed too easy, but the kick cuts through better than the effects chain I had before.
    Bx_boom simplified the most important element of my mix.
    Well done, brainworx.
  • Brainworx bx_boom!

    by Fiery Water Recording Studio
    Like all Brainworx plugins, even the "bx_boom!" In its simplicity is fantastic! .. I use it in parallel on the kick, you give that something more .. that enhances the kick in the mix !!!
  • Boom

    by Niklas wag
    Perfect little helper
  • boom_bx_boom

    by OSAR
    Awesome! Buy it!
  • bx_boom!

    by RORO
    With bx_boom, almost every old bass drum becomes a power BD. A simple tool with a big impact. To find the right character in the mix, bx_boom with its fine nuances can be the solution. Simple, fast and CPU-friendly.
  • Yes

    My go to for that Sonic boom.
  • bx_Boom

    by BK
    The Boom is a stable in my tool set for every mix. I don't use a single kick drum that doesn't have Boom routed through it in some form. If you want to fatten up your kick or add some hard punch, the Boom is the best there is. An incredibly simplistic plugin that does what it claims very well.