Customer Reviews

  • bx_boom!

    by timirjan@yandex
    Very high quality plugins! I like everything. I work with comfort!
  • BX

    by Eli
    Great plug-in to bring out the kick in your kick. Simple and clear.
  • a very good classic

    by Nömak
    When you design your own kicks and you need them to thump
    naturally without sounding harsh or boxy
    bx boom create a real low-end enhancement that i've yet
    to ear in another plugin !
  • bx_boom!

    by Wibbers
    Instant kick drum gratification. I've had excellent results using it on quick "throw a mic there" live band recordings to give the kick drum real punch. Highly recommended.
  • Intuitive and incredible

    by filipe
    saves and recovers any kicking sound
  • Very Handy

    by Ryan
    It does what it does, and it does it well.
    Not appropriate for every situation,
    but when you just need to add a bit more boom to the kick,
    it often does the trick.
  • Bx boom

    by Attacker
    Thanks for a very good plugin.
  • Boom -YAH!

    by AudioHunter
    I love this plug in! A must have ! You won't be disappointed!!

    by Luca Lombardi
    Just one touch, just one.
  • Simple & effective kick drum optimizer

    by Warren Daly (Invisible Agent Records)
    Magnificent plug-ins can have a simple appearance. bx_boom! doesn't just boost, it can also be used to surgically attenuate! Best of all, you can utilize this plug-in on a solo kick track or even a bus.
    It uses the same professional quality filters, and M/S technology as other Plugin Alliance products. When you're 100% satisfied with your kick drum sound design, apply bx_boom! and see how it can give you that extra edge. So simple to use, but super effective. Highly recommended!