Customer Reviews

  • Yes

    My go to for that Sonic boom.
  • bx_Boom

    by BK
    The Boom is a stable in my tool set for every mix. I don't use a single kick drum that doesn't have Boom routed through it in some form. If you want to fatten up your kick or add some hard punch, the Boom is the best there is. An incredibly simplistic plugin that does what it claims very well.
  • bx_boom!

    by Cat-in-a-blender!
    It certainly makes sounds go boom. Would be more useful if there were more shaping options. But if you simply need something to get some more boom about it? This will do what it says on the tin!
  • PA - Our Friends

    by Nais
    Thanks 4 Your work, guys. All DABRO Music Team
  • bx_boom

    by x2sound
    This little plugin is awesome - it works extremly well. I'm glad to have it.
  • bx_boom tool quick & easy

    by TGS
    When I want to make a quick demo and don't want to fiddle with side-chaining, this makes the kick pop, and is easily adjustable throughout the mixing process.
  • Brainworx bx_boom

    by alacantec
    I needed a very simple kick drum exciter and got this some truly beautiful software, with a full discount. It's not complicated at all with just two parameters, just setting up and enjoy nice sounding. The plugin-alliance voucher policy make this VST pretty hard to resist!
  • Beefy Kick Drum Sounds

    by Moss Bioletti
    This plugin is awesome because it is extremely easy to use.
    You simply load it up on a channel and muck around with the sample sound you want. You then balance it in and presto, your kick comes to life and either has more low end or click depending on what you need. This plugin really helps fill up the low end spectrum. I highly recommend and enjoy this plugin!
  • Works great

    by Rectifried
    The nobrainer easy beef up Kick machine
    Digital tool that solves things fast
  • Meat and Potatoes

    by EJR
    So simple yet effective. Does exactly what it says and is so quick and easy.