Customer Reviews

  • plugin

    by cucho
    lo mejor
  • a

    by s
  • FAST HP/LP Filter

    by Alex Hepting
    Simple and beautiful and it's free.
    Applicable for pushing back lead instruments into background or to take away heavy weight.
  • artist

    by Rich
    muy bien
  • quiero crack

    by jhon henry
    que bendicion
  • Filters

    by Enforcer
    Use this regularly won’t disappoint
  • Pracitcal

    by Ricardo
    Even though it is just a lowcut and highcut filter, it actually is pretty handy. It makes the workflow quicker. It also makes me not overthink the eq settings, since there are not a lot of other options. It is also very light on the CPU and of course it is free, which even makes the whole experience better!
  • f

    by drago
  • Muy bien

    by Segundo Cabrales
  • clean sweep

    by tukush
    i never like sweeping or mopping but with this thijng i sweep the shit out of unwanted frequencies. if only brooms could sweep this well then there would be no more brooms in the world. super clean u thinjk pescado filtered it with his own holy hands
    no cap